the space

Discussion relating to or about Farset Labs. This includes issues and queries regarding the operation & maintenance of the space.


This category is for topics related to members projects: beer brewing, massive explosions, axe wielding autonomous wheelchairs, shit-stirring BBC Micros, you name it.


Meta is a category for discussion on running the forum itself, and how discussion should take place. Any suggestions on improving the forum, how things should work, etc. should be in here!


Events, meetups, gatherings of any sort. If there is a topic specifically discussing an event that is happening, then it belongs here.


Looking for equipment for your project? Want new hardware for the space? Willing to pledge money, gather forces, or plead people to donate? This category is for you.


[This category is for posting job listings. You must give an accurate short description of the job (but not the company) in the topic title.]


This category is for all discussion related to the organisation and running of Coderdojo.