3 x Intel Edisons + 3 x Grove Starter Kit Plus (Intel IoT Edition) at Labs


I’ve just dropped the following to the Labs:

3 x Intel Edisons
3 x Grove Starter Kit Plus (Intel IoT Edition)

They are from an Intel IoT workshop at the Belfast FabLab last week. The workhop was a fizzer because the boards would not connect TO THE INTERNET. Oh Intel.

Anyway, I grabbed a few in case anyone at the labs wanted to play with them. They are in the workshop, next to the other Intel IoT offering that didn’t work: the Galileos.


Some nice hardware there. Must have been a frustrating experience.

Were there issues other than internet connectivity?


It’s likely there are other issues. Paddy from FabLab spent two days in London at an Intel training thing, and even the Intel engineer struggled to get it to work. Here’s hoping there’s a fix coming down the line soon.


Had a big rant in here but lost it; TLDR Nothing’s changed since we hosted the Galileo launch a while ago; connectivity, interoperability, and accessory support more or less buggered. Documentation at best incomplete and at worst completely incorrect/accurate.

All that being said, the kits should be useful and the Edisons can join their elder brother on the dusty shelves of the “Intel Asylum”

Great grab though!


The stubborn git in me wants to take a stab at getting something out of the hardware even if it’s just using it as an overpowered ATMega alternative.

At least, as you say Bolster, the addon bits are pretty universally useful.


Having buggered around with other low-level Intel stuff, I find it really weird that they’ve borked their IoT offerings not once, but twice. Like, what the hell?