Advice on Career & Learning


Hi all,

I’m looking for advice from software pros on working towards a junior dev. / intern position. If anyone is willing to chip in some wisdom, there is a set of (all optional) questions in a short form.

My goal is to get a range of opinions and calibrate the way forward. All feedback is appreciated.


  • Formal Education: A-level
  • Started to self-educate full-time 5 months ago;
  • Base competence in Python, familiar with JavaScript, HTML & CSS, basic networking, basic web concepts, basic computing concepts;
  • Work through web development courses and MIT Open Courseware alike;
  • Solve puzzles, script for personal use and have a small project in the works. Will start two team projects (one led by a pro) in late March;
  • Active in the volunteer sector - because it’s fun;
  • Opinion on criticism: yes, please.


Responses are brilliant - thanks! It’s already helping me make some big decisions.

New interest arose regarding answers to the from. A group helping people transition to tech careers w/o university would like to share the insight. This form can have a bigger impact than thought.


Some sort of anonymised set of the responses/overview of the kinda of info that came back would be super awesome. Could do it on the FSL blog :D?