! Any old cable, any old cable, any any any old cables!


I’m looking to rehome any unwanted cables that you may have lying around. They will join with lots of other cables in their new arty life as a giant cloud (so lots and lots of cables needed).
Just bring them in or I can pick them up if that’s handier for you.
Many thanks.


I’ve had a search through the garage, and spotted a pile of orange cable beneath some boxes. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig down to it during the week!



sorry for tardy reply Conor. That would be awesome!


Too good. What a wholesomely trippy bunch they were. More wombles pulease…


I’ve left a red crate of cables behind the reception desk. Feel free to take them whenever suits!
(Please leave the box though, it’s very useful. :smiley: )


Ace - thanks Conor! I’ll pick them up next monday morning if not before. Thanks again!


Still looking for cables? I finally dug out a box full of old computer and AV cables in my house, which you’re welcome to.


Sorry for tardy response panloaf but have been out of radio contact. Brilliant - Let me know where and when.


I’ve come across a bungee rope of yours Conor in amongst all your cables - will leave it behind reception desk for you tomorrow :grin:


any chance I could get my hands on that box of cables in the next wee while panloaf??


Hi @ji_ I’ll drop those cables into Farset this evening.
Sorry, I don’t check the discourse board as often as I used to.


HI @ji_
I left a brown plastic bag containing a bunch of cables behind the reception desk in Farset, on the floor - it’s marked with some black and yellow hazard tape wrapped around the tied handles.
All the best,


Hey @jl_ Still need cables?


yes pulease!! Just let me know where and when.


Grand job - will leave them in probably on Wednesday at some point. Some may have things attached to them still


excellent! thanks so much.


Don’t know what happened to my manners but I forgot to say thanks Glenn. Much appreciated.


Hi @Tyndyll
did you leave the cables behind the front desk? Just checking that the ones I can see there are yours. thanks!


Hey! Sorry for the delay, I’ve left a box of cables behind reception


be aware that the ass has fallen out of the box so picking it up will result in sadness. If I remember I’ll bring a box on Monday to put them in. If you don’t need them let me know and I’ll bin them