Anyone about Saturday morning to help set up for the Jam?


Anyone about on Saturday morning or late Friday evening of this week to give me a hand setting up for the Raspberry Jam on Saturday? Should hopefully be the last time it will need this much work with the new equipment hopefully coming soon…
Either Saturday morning from about 9am or Friday evening after 9:30pm? Should only take 1-2 hours if can get someone else up for helping set up.


I can help you set up. Coderdojo will finish in event space at 8pm I can stick set up til 10pm but then have plans with friends.


I’m coming to the jam and can come earlier to help set up?


I can help our 1 hour earlier if needs be.


Thanks everyone who offered to help. I would prefer to have it all set up in advance of the event (aka I intend to be finished before 11am tomorrow just in case).
So thank you all for the offer but help, but I think I am now sorted (got some offers for help for late Friday evening).