Apple kills ports


Am sure everyone’s heard of it but:

Are the days of consumer ports coming to an end? I’d embraced the rumours and idea of wireless everything, but at that price point it’ll have to wait a few years.


I’ve seen a few people bring up a reasonably valid question; at what point does this become a tablet with a keyboard rather than a laptop?

I can recall when tablets were just starting to be a thing and even then the general feeling was “This is great for wee 10 minute jobs but even with a BT keyboard/mouse, I couldn’t use this seriously”.

Over that period, it appears more people had wee 10 minute jobs to do than I’d imagined (is there a word for software engineer bias?), as such I can’t really comment on the general population.

However, for my style of work/play, this is shit; the number of times I’ve been at presentations / conferences / talks / meetings and someone asks “Does anyone have a VGA adapter for the MAC” is insane (disclosure, I run a Dell XPS 13 which suffers from the same mini-display port infection… But I have an adapter surgically attached to my bag)

I regularly need at least 2 USBs (tethering+charge for phone, mouse, presenter handset, USB drive, etc) simultaneously, and carrying around yet another splitter ruins the whole point of having an ultra portable.

Finally, why the fuck are they wasting space on a frigging SD card interface? Surely it’s easier to carry a cable-to-camera than it is to replace what would be space for a second USB port instead of inevitably carrying a USB hub?

All I know is that I’m not the target market so my comments are largely pointless :smiley:


And compare and contrast with the new pixel (equally out of my range)

2 USBC, 2 USB, slightly bigger, higher res screen (plus multi touch), significantly heavier, longer battery.

I’m the broke kid hanging out outside the candy store :slight_smile:


And now for something completely different: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook:


You beat me to it! :smiley: