Astronomy: Jupiter Arisen | 21st February


Weather on the 7th of February was better than expected, so we were able to get a very nice, clear view of Jupiter and it’s moons. Farset will be hosting another Belfast-based astronomy viewing evening for the new-comer on the 21st of February, for those who missed the evening of the 7th.

Reserve a space via Eventbrite

If you have a telescope or binoculars, please do bring them along as this time of year is a great chance to look for objects in the sky. Wear warm clothes, as some of the evening will be spent outside, and hot drinks will be available.
Obviously, this event is very dependent on weather - if raining or heavily overcast, we will likely have to reschedule. We will keep you up-to-date in the run-up.

Jupiter will be very high in the sky in the early evening on 21st February. Unfortunately, Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) will probably not still be visible. However, Jupiter will be very clear, especially as we will have considerable time for air in the telescope to cool fully. There are plenty of other objects to see in the available time, and we will have @martinus on-hand with his auto-tracking mount and telescope to provide some guidance and great images.

Free for Farset members, £3 donation for non-members.


Just to clarify Glenn - the title of this post says it’s the 21st of February, the body mentions the 20th of February, but the eventbrite says the 21st of March? Can I just confirm which is correct?


21st of February. Fixed it. Thanks. Using Eventbrite in haste always bites me in the posterior :frowning:


Thanks, Glenn.

Just to add a few details, Jupiter will be visible from 6pm and will reach zenith (its highest point in the sky) at around 11:30pm. You can see a decent amount of detail throughout the evening but the best views are at zenith as there is less atmosphere in the way.

Thus, I would recommend (if you’re a highly motivated individual) that you plan to stick around until later. Dress warm (I mean it!) otherwise you will find that stargazing is a far less enjoyable experience than it should be.

If there’s a spare raspberry pi in Farset we can experiment with streaming directly from the telescope. Alternatively, I can stream via my modified webcam.


Weather is not our friend for this evening. Rescheduling for the 28th.

Jupiter will be prominent as will the moon (waxing gibbous) next weekend so, weather permitting, two excellent targets.


Additional: For those who have never observed the sun there will also be a IAA / QUB Solar
day on Saturday 28th:

Free event.
•11.30 – 16.00, in front of main building
•Solar Observing, visual, H-alpha, Calcium
•Live links to Solar satellites such as SOHO Talks in the
Council Chamber in the main building.

The instruments used to observe the sun are pretty specialised so take advantage of the opportunity. :slight_smile: