Bee VM - 3 Cloud Automation SysAdmin spots in Belfast


Hey folks! After messaging Andrew, he turned me on to this place. We have a unique hiring policy at Bee VM: Your abilities count more than where you got your experience. You actually display your skills live during the interview process, so avid hobbiest experience can go a long way.

As of today, Bee VM employees can even expense half of their Farset Labs monthly or annual membership fees (Enthusiast or Freelancer). :smile:

[Here are the detailed open positions.] (

In a nutshell: We need 3 people with Cloud server automation experience, with a mind towards system administration. One person for hypervisor on down (Chef/Puppet/Ansible, etc.). One person for Linux automation (BASH, Nagios, etc.). And one person for Windows automation (Powershell, Selenium, etc.). Those are general tool suggestions; we’re an Agile company, so if you specialize in a tool that can do the job (maintainable, Open Source or reasonably priced) we’re open to it.

See the individual roles for details. Feel free to let your friends know. And thanks for your time!