Belfast Minecraft


Have been approached again about creating and hosting a public minecraft world of Belfast.

Don’t have the time or experience in MC to push it myself, but if there was enough interest…

Anyone keen or is it a no go?


We have had Minecraft events in the past and had a Farset Minecraft server for members and for people at those events.

In my view there are problems with hosting a fully public MC server - One option is making it 18+ but there’s no way to actually enforce that. Otherwise you have to decide what’s allowed on the server - swearing, rude signs or art, etc… You also have to keep an eye out for rule breakers and griefers and thieves and such. Or you can just let it be chaos and see how it goes… So it can require a lot of commitment. I certainly wouldn’t be up for managing it :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe someone else would who has more time…

The other option is again that we just keep a members server as we had before and open it up when the events happen as it’s easier to keep track of what people are doing.


@stealthii has mentioned creating a server.

I am happy run and maintain the server as I do have experience with hosting and running large servers.

As of age rating there could be a separate world/server with age ratings liked to a hub.

The server could be donate to play or access more features.

Edit: I will be also need help running the server as I would only have half a week to be on it as I run a coder dojo.


Both of you missed what was highlighted in the original post.

As to creating a world map in the shape/size/layout of Belfat, this would be quite cool, but best left to the pros. I would like to gather interest on this, but unfortunately it will require pruning and quality control otherwise it will look like cack. There are far too many players in Belfast that like their cobble towers and skybridges. This needs a designers touch.

@clairebones: As this is separate form any member-style minecraft server, we don’t need to care about who has access - a creative ‘view-only’ access given to the public would suffice.


I have hardware that can do it but the idea of building the whole thing by hand gives me the willies.


would probably build the center of Belfast in and around a year, at least.


FYI Minecraft event @Farset this weekend


Wish I could go but I’my very sure I’m not.