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Posting this in “general” because I’m not sure it would qualify as a project - it’s just an RFC.
I, like a lot of people in the labs, have a number of projects running concurrently.
There are aspects of these that could usefully be farmed out because:

  1. I have neither the requisite skills nor the (time|ability|incentive) to acquire them.
  2. They’re simple, but time consuming.
  3. They need to be done, but I just don’t have the time.

I could ( and have ) outsourced some of them to elancer, but:
I was wondering whether having a “Bounty Board” in Farset might be a useful way to build the budget.
People could post tasks, and what they’re prepared to trade for them ( goodwill/money/shiny/whatever ).

I was considering that two cash values could be posted, one in the case that the person was taking the money, the other ( potentially ) larger value if it was being donated to the Labs budget…

I’m sure there are a number of reasons why the above just wouldn’t work, but it seems logical to me.
Thoughts ?


I like this idea.

Could use the JIRA kanban board for it but not sure if everyone uses the JIRA.


Is there linkage for the JIRA board ?
Not mentioned on wiki…
Might make the bounty board the first bounty…


It’s at

Think you can just sign up but you need to be assigned various permissions to do things.


I’m in the position of trying to start brand new things (having “done” biology, ICT and media.) Even just finding time to help me assemble a self-assemble DC motor is tricky enough and I need a few equations drilled into my head. So the idea of being able to hire a electrical engineer for an hour to help out is very appealing.

I would suggest that maybe a tithe of 10% should be applied to commercial offerings so that Farset gains something either way. “Tipping” the lab a fiver because someone worked for you for an hour seems reasonable to me.

Now, what’s a reasonable hourly rate for a freelance engineer? And do we have a list of interested individuals and their expertise? Remembering that getting someone for an hour to assemble and teach about a DC motor is very different to asking someone to look at a PHP error for an hour.


Am looking around to see if there is a bounty plugin for any of the existing systems… Plugging into JIRA or Discourse would be good.

I still think tracking on a JIRA kanban board would be the best but money handling would be adhoc.

I’ll raise it for discussion at the NEMS meeting on Monday.


@cimota All good questions…
Yup, tithing sounds like a good idea …
I wonder if Farset would agree to providing an escrow service for that ?
It would also involve a possible requirement for it to provide arbitration in the case of disputes…
I wouldn’t limit the tithe to “commercial offerings” though…
Any extra source of income for the Labs is going to be used for the common good, so I don’t see how anyone could have a problem with it ( comments and corrections welcome on this ).

Back when Farset started, I tried to get list organised of members & skillsets ( I believe it’s still on the wiki somewhere ).
Possibly the chance at remuneration might elicit a better response… :confused:

I wouldn’t set a standard rate, either… That should be left for offers/negotiation…
Yes, those two examples are very different, but the more apparently difficult one really depends on your own skillset.
There are things I do more easily than breathing, and things I simply cannot do…

@matthazley Coolness - see above for escrow/arbitration comment… Money in the Farset account gains interest while it’s resting, no ? Would need to formalise the parameters required for a “job” and make the flow as simple as possible for non-techs… If the concept is agreeable in principle at the meeting, I’ll make it the first bounty ( once the goals are spec’d out )


Yeah - I actually see it happening quite simply via the JIRA with a custom bounty field added.

I think the complication arises when trying to establish a way for Farset to manage disputes, but that said, I think it would be relatively simple and would generate some income for Farset so the benefits outway the difficulties.

I also think the skill list on the wiki is a bit weak - if we used JIRA for this, we could extend the user profiles using Project Team - this gives up the ability to add custom fields and skillsets to JIRA profiles so it could all be stored in there.

Anway, will chat about this and see what comes of it.


Happy to start off with £25 for an hour of someone to help me with electric motors. And a fiver for the Farset kitty on top. Takers? Hagglers?


@Jake_Sloan You mean this list?

@matthazley Looks good, speak to @stealthii about the Crowd deployment status, it’d probably be better held there than Jira.


Yeah, I know next to nothing about Crowd so this all may be included.


@chris18890 Yup, that list … Pathetic, isn’t it ? :slight_smile:


FYI - we discussed this last night and we are going to take a punt at setting up a simple framework in JIRA.

We’ll probably do this with a custom bounty issue and then allow people to “advertise services” and “request services”.

We can link this board on the home page and I think we’ll probably wall mount a monitor in the space with the board displayed to give it a physical presence.

Few questions - so as to make it less complicated, how would you feel about the following things:

  • Upper limit of £100 on jobs
  • Pay farset ~£5 per ad posted to the board
  • When the job is accepted, the terms / method of payment should be hashed out between individuals with farset out of the loop to an extent. All money for the job then goes to the person who carried it out.

This idea may make money handling a simpler process and %'s don’t have to be worked out and the money split etc

Would like your input on this guys if possible.


Note that any proposal that’s involving this kind of extension of farsets operation model is gonna require director approval to make sure we’re still within our charitable remit.

The original version of the bounty board was as a “Karma” service internally with outside organisations paying to post jobs on a board. Basically there needs to be a case made as to how this furthers the charities stated aims, otherwise it may contribute to making CCNI registration …‘complex’.

Suggest Internal Karma board with a pay-for option with heavy moderation on the pay-for.


This was raised with two directors last night so I guess it will make it’s way to a discussion near you soon. We’ve no plan to start anything until there’s word from ‘above’.

Fair point though, I don’t have any clue about any of that… Can charities can offer services for a small donation?

My thinking - In doing this, we are allowing the community to engage with each other, and stimulate working relationships. By offering a monetary reward, I think it acknowledges the time taken to do a piece of work and also encourages completion and professionalism. By limiting it, it becomes nominal and prevents whole month long contracts being farmed out.

Elaborate on your Karma point - because if you mean invisible internet points then I fear people just will not care.


hur hur hur…
Soho style.

Damn fine idea… :smile:

Why the upper limit ?
If I require a 3d model built ( which I do ) and was prepared to donate £500 to farsets coffers for it, why would this be a problem ? Or I was prepared to buy a laser cutter for the labs, or a vacuum former, or whatever…
The primary purpose ( at least my primary purpose ) in this was to get more money flowing to the Labs, and hopefully spark off a few cottage industries with additional facilities.
Not that any of the above suggestions are invalid, this is just my 5c worth…


Point taken - I think we wanted to build in a mechanism where it didn’t get completely out of hand and also, limits risk and liability for when someone inevitably doesnt deliver / causes a complication which results in bounty raiser running to Farset with a pitchfork.


An upper limit is a hard one - I think what we’re trying to do here is separate ‘favours’ from ‘contract work’. We could easily do this by saying “no requests for contract work”, or something similar.

As this is a bounty board, I would suggest that requests for work can be listed free (as a member benefit), but if you want to list your services, there’s a small fee. Thoughts?


define “requests for work” ?
“I want to work”, or “I have a job of work that needs doing” ?