Brew some Mate?



  • 85g Mate Tea
  • 3 gallons of water
  • 2.5 ‘cups’ of cane sugar ~500g
  • 1.5g Caffiene Powder
  • CO2

Looks fairly straightforward and reviews are good. Some equipment purchases that Farset could potentially get behind if some people were interested.

@matthazley @Colin_Kelsey you guys have experience in this kind of stuff, any thoughts?


Yerba Cost Spreadsheet.xlsx (11.3 KB)


My answer is allowed to be in the form of a spreadsheet right?

Basically I think we could manage it okay. Given the additional stuff we’d need to buy, the breakeven point where it’s cheaper than just buying in Club Mate in 500 ml bottles is around 80 litres. Those are fairly conservative cost estimates, so maybe a little less if we’re lucky.


It also assumes we used paintball CO2 tanks to carbonate. I think this is safe enough since there’s a bunch of people online who seem to be happy enough to convert their soda stream machines to run on these.


They made tea, cooled it, and added caffeine powder. The carbonating bit is the only thing that couldn’t be done just as easily on a small scale. I do wonder how far you could get with just a tea-pot and a sodastream, though…

I am fully in favour of more tea-making and tea-experimentation (I still think yerba mate tastes awful though… hence why they add a fair bit of sugar, I suppose) but I find it a bit weird to see it described in the same fashion as a relatively complex fermentation/brewing process like beer brewing :smile:


I guess the kegging system they use is mainly due to the volume that they’re producing and the fact that they’re trying to be “open source” (whatever that actually means for a soft drink). It’s true that you probably could do it with a Sodastream, I’d be hesitant to suggest that Farset buy one of those though given the whole political side to that with their manufacturing operation on the West Bank. Coincidentally that’s why I know about the paintball carbonation thing, since earlier in the week I was talking with a friend about converting a soda stream machine that he already has to run on paintball gas to avoid having to buy the refills for exactly that reason. I haven’t looked into the whole boycott issue enough myself to have a genuinely informed opinion on it myself, but there do seem to be a lot of people who feel strongly about it.


Possible crossover with beer kegging stuff?


Oh. I didn’t even know there was a Sodastream boycott. Will endeavour not to look it up right now, lest I get lost in Wikipedia sub-links…
Alternatives appear to exist, but seem to be more expensive - probably due to Sodastream’s “razor-and-blades” (or “printer-and-ink”) business model with the CO2 canister pricing. Good DIY option here, though:

I’d be interested in small-scale carbonation for ad hoc brews. I might just try that with some of our blends, as the fruit blend worked really well as a cold drink for a Bangor tea-dance a few weeks back.


If we’re going to do this properly, we’ll need a name.



@panloaf If you’re going to go with bottled gas why not just buy a can of helium? Business meetings whilst supping upon ‘Club-Mate-Lite’ would be hugely entertaining…


Okay, this has been bugging me - the Hack Pittsburgh guys claim Club-Mate having a “closed-source nature” was their reason for creating “open mate”, but recipe contents are explicitly exempt from copyright of any kind.
Club Mate can’t stop anyone making a direct copy of their drink’s ingredients, particularly as they have to legally list their ingredients, but extensive instructions/directions could be copyrighted. Mate isn’t exactly a soufflé recipe in terms of complexity, though :smile: