Building Farset Lab 3D Printer


Hi Guys,
I have electronics and knowledge of 3D printers to build one.
Would any of you be interested in building a spare - hacker 3D Printer in Farset Lab?

I would be looking at building slightly larger version of Ultimaker or Makerbot like printer, but probably would stick to H-bot configuration for the drives:

I have full set of electronics for it and 10mm linear ballbearings.
It would need 10mm linear shafts and box made of plywood.
I propose working envelope of 360x360x360mm or so.

Ultimaker Official Heated bed

What are the parts costs? I’d be interested in part-funding this.


I’d give you a hand with it - I’ve just build the hardware for a Metric version of a Delta Cerberus, just trying to configure Marlin to work properly and get the bed auto-levelling (using a fotek induction sensor)


The parts costs would be in a range of £285

4 of 400x10mm shafts - £6.42 each = £25.68

4 motors Nema17 4.4kg*cm -12.45 each = £49.8

3meters of T2.5 belt + 4 pulleys I think we will be able to agree on about - £20:

Alternatively - - for about £30-40

Plywood marine grade half of 4x8 sheet I would probably agree with FabLab - £20
Stepper motor with screw - £30

fans screws, bits and bolts, extruder heads and miscelaneous - £100

I donate electronics(Ultimaker 1.5.7 + full graphics controller) and 10pcs of 10mm linear ballbearings.


I’m happy to chip in, too.
Having a second 3D printer that could more readily be modified would be a really great asset.


I’ll put £60 to it, if you want to manage the money pot through Farset’s Paypal, @Conor?


I’m happy to keep tabs on the money in and out.
@Dylan: Is the Farset PayPal & a GDoc the best way to hold this?


I propose in this case to start from mechanics.
First order items would be:
Shafts - 4 or 6 pcs (forgot about vertical ones for the table)
Belts and pulleys (I have some bearings)
Idealy at least 3 motors (2 nema 17 and one with the screw).
Box cutting - I will get it sorted with FabLab.

I’m starting the design and will put it in the folder in googledrive shared among contributors.
Who is going to contribute in terms of design - please let me know and I’ll send you the link for the folder.


Guys who is planning to take care of purchasing?
I’ve manage to exchange 2 reels of 1.75mm filament for 3 stepper motors.
We will have our box cut on FabLab router out of 9mm plywood.

Timing pulleys for steppers and idlers GT2 belt 20 teeth are printed and ready to be used.

We need to purchase 3meters of GT2 belt only. - £8 - £7.5

What about 400x10mm linear rails?
need 6 of those.


Dylan has gotten back to me, and there are no problems with keeping the project funds in PayPal.
I’m happy enough to manage what’s going into and out of the project.


What are the submission details to contribute to the Paypal?


PayPal payments can be sent to
So I can keep track of the project balances, be sure to let me know: