CultureTech Trainer / Mentor


Our friends at CultureTech are looking for 1,000 people to help them over the course of their festival.

TL;DR Great pay + expenses, 20 hours of total ‘work’, and if you’ve done any kind of coding, video production, digital design, 3D printing, CNC, or electronics / arduino stuff, they want you.

I’ve asked Mark about the submission format and a CV + cover letter will do just fine. Basically, pitch your skills and name your price less than £30/day

I’m aware it’s weird for ‘quote’ for a mentor job for some of you, but such is life.

DUE TOMORROW (but I’m sure a few hours either way won’t be too stressful)


Um… @bolster , only the travel costs are a maximum of £30 per day. I initially looked at that and thought “that’s awful pay for delivering 20 hours of workshops” until I read the QuoteRequest document :smile:

The trainer fee is £800 + VAT, for 10 workshops (over 5 days). That’s much more attractive for paid training/workshops; though still pretty cheap for 10 workshops, especially if you need to prepare training materials.

I’m interested, but I don’t think I can make the dates :frowning: