Election 2018 - Candidate Profiles


Originally published at: https://blog.farsetlabs.org.uk/2018/10/election-2018-candidate-profiles/

Our nomination period has finished and voting will open shortly (emails will be sent to all current members eligible to vote) and in the meantime, you can peruse your options below, consisting of the nominee name and pitch, sorted in alphabetical order: Artemiy Kondratiev (Art) What is a hackerspace? Scattered around the world each one is unique and means something different to each individual member. In the autumn of 2015, I first visited Farset Labs and the very same week was my first as a member. It has been almost three years, yet I still find it hard to describe Farset. What about you? One thing I know is that I have been to no other place like it. A place where anyone is welcome to experiment, teach, share…