Equipment donation thread


Yeah, I didn’t expect much of it to be ‘Farset-ready’!
To be honest, I expect the photo frame would just end up lying around, too.

I’ll leave the hard drives down when I’m next at Farset. I’ll bring the motherboard bundle too, if @jonnyt can confirm he wants it.

Everything else noted is up for grabs if anyone wants it for their own use. I’d be happy to free up some space!


@Conor, I’ll happily take the motherboard bundle, thanks!


If nobody else wants the photo frame and Farset doesn’t then I’ll take it @Conor if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


This gives me an idea for what to do with the crappy 10" Android tablet sitting in my house. Though I do wonder if the LCD view-angle being about 45 degrees would be a problem…


The small PC may work on the CNC machine if it runs XP or something similar.


It does indeed. The hard drive ended itself mid wipe though, so it’ll need a laptop’s hard disk. (IDE)

Edit: The Motherboard and assorted parts have been left down for @jonnyt. Hard drives are also in Farset, for any project that needs them. @clairebones has taken the photo frame.
The thin client will be left down when I’m next heading to Farset, unless the lack of hard drive is a deal breaker!

The printer and Freeview box are still available to anyone who wants them.


Any chance someone has a unused 5-20 port dumb switch?
So idiot threw a water ballon throw my and broke my switch now it’s in the dump.


As discussed on Facebook, I’ll take the Freeview box, thanks!


@vlee489, check the topic title.

You should post in the ‘wanted’ category if you are looking for stuff.


I had a go at getting the glass off my wife’s note II. Got 90% done fine then cracked the lcd :frowning:

It is totally possible though. We probably should have taken the phone apart completely to try. If anyone has a use for a new screen that this fits I’m happy to try and describe how to split them up


Hi Guys,
I’ve stopped my membership since December and collected the saw.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


I’ve two dinosaur laptops for parts I can donate, an Acer Aspire 6930 and Acer Extensa 5620. The larger 6930 has missing keys, over-heats when graphics are played too long. The battery is potatey-bread and when it is fed the power cable, it’s been known to whine or nod off. I’ve some data on there that I’d like wiped too, but I am a bit clueless. The smaller model , the Extensam is frequently interrupted by blue-screen-of-death. It’s battery life is somewhat short, maybe 45 minutes or so.

Assuming anyone wants these, where should I leave them? (newb)


I can help you with the data wipe, or any other recovery work you might need. On the machines… they’re beat up, not recent enough to be useful, but not old enough to be retro-cool. Someone might want them, but I’d probably recommend scrapping them and salvaging parts like the RAM and hard drives, along with any other components you might want to put into a project (TFT, battery, etc.)