EU Grant Funding


Call me crazy, and I am to most anyway…

There is 18 Million pounds of funding now available from the E.U. for viable cross-community and development projects.

If we could submit a proposal about how we could get farset as not only a community hackerspace but also an educational and cross-community hub on engineering and coding (coder dojo etc) and maybe get a few things going in that sense, we could evolve into a buzzing community on so many different levels.

And say if we needed to expand due to this mad idea, anyone remember the occupy bank on royal avenue? it just so happens that I know the landlord (don’t ask how) and he’s desperate to get someone willing to regenerate the space for a good cause at dirt cheap.

What could be better in a proposal of this nature? Farset Labs, Belfast’s first makerspace get grant funding to regenerate focal point of protest and austerity into center of trust, learning and cross-community partnership in the heart of belfast’s royal avenue?

I’m nuts for this idea but consider the possibilities?..


A new almost-member from America happens to have previously worked as a grant writer applying for grants from philosophical causes over in the USA, though I don’t think she has a Discourse account yet… I will ask if she’d be interested in getting involved though!


The biggest issue we’ve experienced with applying for EU-scale funding (and local funding too actually) is that the paperwork required to maintain, justify, and sustain funding would more or less turn into a part time job on its own. Also there are usually lots of restrictions on the governance of organisations applying for funding, and what that funding can be spent on (for instance, we wouldn’t be able to use any grant funding for the renovations of the space, etc).

That being said, we havn’t had time to keep a close eye on the funding opportunities availiable so if anyone sees something that they think could be turned into a useful, on-message project, then shout about it on here and see what happens.


Also, if we were going for the whole hog version, then getting staff isn’t a major problem, but it will make it very difficult to maintain the current flexibility in the space since there are usually a lot of strings attached.


Also we’re contracted to weavers court for at least another year I believe…



I may not be able to help with funding the labs but I’ve worked with an EU fund that supports innovative products and services.

There is funding of £50k+ available if you want to turn your hobby into a business. I’d be happy to advise and help with the application process if you have a viable business proposition.

You can reach me @ev01lv or

Happy to help.