Experiment in Websiting - Call for Collaborators


On a whim, I threw this together yesterday after stealing a very nice Jekyll theme from a Student Run hackspace in the use BUILDS.

It’s public on the Labs github org, the idea being that anyone can make pull requests easily, either for structural changes, blog posts, or even for editing the code of conductand other stuff I’ll be putting in today.

Have done a few different wordpress importy stuff to bring in the old blog content but am personally ready to throw away most of the old static stuff and hopefully replace it by much more well written verbiage by @ben.

GitHub cleanup

Cool :slight_smile:

On a minor grumble that’s completely tangential, I’m still unsure whether I like Bootstrap or not. It’s a great idea in principle, but it seems to get lauded by the very same people who had a go at Wordpress for being too “generic”, while Bootstrap encourages hundreds of cookie-cutter sites. In this age of Tumblr, who am I to judge? :slight_smile:


I like Bootstrap, I’ve been using it for work and it’s actually not too bad. I agree with the cookie-cutter site criticism though, it is a bit frustrating to see people use it as an alternative to thinking about design for their site.

I’m intrigued by angular.js though, I think it’ll be the next thing I’ll try to look at.


Angular looks great, but to be honest, the last time I tried to do “design” we ended up with the mess that is the blog, so cookie cutter is a practical option.

The larger point is that it doesn’t matter what the framework is; it’d be great if someone did a pull request with a complete redesign of the layout and css. hint hint


Zurb Foundation is an alternative to Bootstrap. I created a ‘iridium-theme’ branch here - https://github.com/averagehuman/farsetlabs.github.io/tree/iridium-theme

It’s a plain ‘black, white and blue’ theme that uses foundation v5. It’s responsive to device size and has that sticky top navigation bar thing.

Let me know if there is interest and I can work on it more.


You’ll hear complaints from no person :wink:


@gflanagan I really don’t care :smile:

I’m more interested in getting people involved instead of me/us just saying ‘aye, that’ll do’.


@bolster Have you ever considered a career in motivational speaking ? :wink:

Here’s the idea - http://farsetlabs.beta.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/


I thought about it but couldn’t be assed

Very Nice! Maybe stick to the brand-colours (you’ll find them in the LESS files in the current theme). Feel free to send in a pull request and we can worry about it there :smile:


Made some more changes, feel free to bitch / issue issues / Pull Request.



Looks good - forked a while ago to add travel informations and stuff, but haven’t resubmitted as I got distracted looking for blog options. Will do so again, and finish the infos bit.


Cool. I don’t think I’ve done anything horribly structurally different so it should still merge easily enough.


I’ve messed a little with Bootstrap for the wiki…

Obviously it looks horrible right now, but it will be far better when/if we have a solid Bootstrap theme that you can theme all Farset’s sub-sites with. For reference.


Is there any reason (other than having to educate people in the ways of github) for not slowly migrating the functionality of the wiki over to the GH-Pages? If there’s a few responsible people on the admin team, the pull requests are relatively safe and easy to recover from if someone fucks up.


It’s a possibility. If the existing Wiki stays for a while longer, it shouldn’t take too much effort to make it fit with the rest of our web content, even if the wiki’s more prominent articles of interest move in the future.

Ok, remember the discourse plugin for WordPress that allowed you to use discourse as a commenting engine for a WP-based blog? Well Sam wrote an interesting article on it’s effectiveness at reducing spam. Also the way we have a shiny new site based on Jekyll? There’s work on that too.


You’ve got commit & pull rights on the repo, use the power wisely :wink: (Can carefully please, github spamms me and the farset admin account when the site doesn’t build)


Just noticed that Belfast Ruby use jekyll for their site, (no surprise) so if anyone wants to nosy at how the professionals do it… link