Farset Ad Hoc Pot-Luck Seasonal Dinner Hack (Christmas Dinner?)


The Date
The date for this is Wednesday 17th December (at 7pm).
(The Doodle is now closed.

The Plan
Bring something tasty, or at least something edible, to Farset Labs for an evening of sharing food with good company and discovering how the other half eats.
Salutations of the season, no matter your persuasion or affiliation. This is open to all who frequent Farset and have supported us through the dark times and the light.
There will be some accompaniments of the musical variety, and suitably bright decorations… um… decorating the place.

The Cost
No cost other than your company and some form of shareable foodstuff (cold/hot, liquid/solid).


Sounds awesome, nice one!


It looks like Tuesday 16th may actually suit everyone better. I will update tomorrow if that trend continues.


Tuesday is Dragonslayers’ excursion to Cosmo - Tasch and I would both be free Wednesday but we’ll see what the majority think!


Add your voice to the Doodle, as there’s no clear winner yet.

Mon, Tue, and Wed are all very close. Need moar input!


Based on the results, I will move it to the 15th this evening unless there is an obvious shift to stay on the 17th.


Stats have shifted to the 17th again. Polling closes at 10pm (as an arbitrary number).


Does it count if I make a bunch of entries with slightly different versions of my name to push it back to the 15th? :stuck_out_tongue:


Really looking forward to this. A bit of craic with the Farset crew is well overdue, we need more member events like this! :passport_control: :snowman:


So have we got a final count on this?


Between 15 and 25 people based on Facebook responses so far, but this is entirely an experiment in flexibile festive food face-filling.

If everyone each brings 1 shareable main or dessert, there should be more than enough food-wise, as we (the organisers) will be laying on some extra snacks and desserts.


Do the organisers want/need a list of who’s bringing what?

Also, how good is Farset’s oven, in terms of being used to keep stuff warm?


Farset’s oven is terrible honestly. Like maybe if we turn it on 2 hours before it might keep one or two dishes mildly warm, but honestly I wouldn’t rely on it if at all possible =/


I’m bringing a camping stove for my pot.


So it’s the 17th then?


Do not cook food in the oven. It will come out frozen.


Apologies, I misunderstood the question. Yes, it will be the 17th at 7pm.
Plus if there is considerable demand for reheating, I will bring-along-a-microwave.

Also, @stealthii, email replies to Discourse don’t appear to work - tried this yesterday, and nothing has shown up.


I strongly recommend bringing a microwave - I’ll see what I make it it will likely want to be hotter than my car can insulate all the way there. My microwave is built-in so I won’t be bringing it…


We do have a microwave in Farset thankfully so that 'll be available (though I’d expect a bit of a queue). Anything more complex and people will probably have to sort it themselves though.


Yup. I will have a backup microwave, however, given the low opinion already held of the oven :wink: