Farset Ad Hoc Pot-Luck Seasonal Dinner Hack (Christmas Dinner?)


@clairebones Fair enough, I’d cook at home, it was mainly just to keep stuff warm.

@stealthii Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I am thinking of just reheating a little to make sure things are actually hot rather than lukewarm


It’s good BBQ weather… just sayin’…


Considering that not all members follow the discourse, it might be an idea to write this up for a blog post. Also always good to advertise member-centric events to highlight to new members that they’re welcome.


@Richard: Notorious for claiming all weather is BBQ weather.


Probably too late for a reply, but I assume you have enough plates and stuff


Farset does have quite a lot of plates actually :slight_smile: I’ll have a hunt and see if I have any paper plates too…