Farset Flea Market - Saturday 15th September


Originally published at: https://blog.farsetlabs.org.uk/2018/09/farset-flea-market-saturday-15th-september/

It is official. Farset Labs now has a licence to run a flea market. This is an ambitious event to see if there is an demand for a makers run flea market. Markets like this are run all over the world as part of the marker space. “The Flea at MIT” have one of the biggest flea markets in the America for 2nd hand electronics. We might reach this level one day if there is demand for it! The event is allow people to sell unwanted stuff that have tucked away for years, giving unwanted stuff a new life and a new home. Details: Admission: Free Tables: 12 at £5 each. Time: 11am to 3pm. Place: Inside Farset Parking: 50 free spaces What you can expect to see at the…