Farset Labs Door access


That’s similar to what we had before, unfortunately there’s a “dependency forest” for implementing a lot of somakeits stuff in terms of management and user reg, as with many similar solutions, which gives people lots of procrastinating opportunities to say “itd all work but I’m waiting on someone to do X”

In the spirit of getting something that just works ™ I’m keeping it as simple as humanly possible while still being “safeish”, then others can extend on top of it easily.

@martinus to avoid duplication of effort can you point me to what you got done?


Boom, Door.

Not ready for external work as we still need to work out safe sslification but the functionality is there for FSL-Internal systems to remotely operate the door.

Gimme a shout if there’s any additions to the documentation. Or just Issue/PR yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Or you want the credentials to actually open the door…


The door controller is really simple code - it just parses a json rest endpoint to get a list of users that can open the door.

I’m sure any implementation will do just as well though.