Farset Labs in January 2015: New Year display measurements


Skipping right past that present exchange period coming up (and Black Friday, which is totally not a thing) next year we have Global Game Jam 2015, and a possible production masterclass from a certain Mr McBriar (weather permitting) in January alongside regular meets.

What would you like to see or do in January at Farset?


More flashing lights, loud noises, bitcoin as a “thing”, blue smoke, dissent, open data, and goats cheese (Andrew Bolster Nov 2014).


I want branded t-shirts and stickers.

I’m easily pleased


What I’d like to see:

  • Rigid adherence to ISO8601

What I’d like to do:

  • If I can arrange a lift with the gear, I’d very much like to bring my big telescope down for an evening’s visual deep-sky object/planet hunting if anyone’s interested.
  • I’ve made some progress with my ultra inexpensive star-tracker for DSLR cameras. If testing goes well I’d also like to do a demo of some basic wide-field astrophotography.


++ ISO8601 :smiley:

@martinus where would you need the telescope transported from? As those sound like excellent suggestions.



The telescope and mount are big. The telescope alone would take up the back seat of a standard 5-door. To give you some kind of reference, this is the telescope I brought with me for the talk a few weeks back:

This is the big telescope:

if we were to get a decent amount of viewing time in it would be best for me to do the set-up while it’s still light. Probably best to plan it for a Friday evening or a Saturday.


Hi @martinus, would Friday 6th or Saturday 7th February suit for an astronomy evening?
I can organise some transport for the large telescope if you give me the dimensions you would need.

Alternatively, we go for broke, put it on the 14th, and tell everyone it’s a Valentine’s day star-gazing event :wink:


Saturdays would be best so Carol can come along.

Unfortunately due to an accident that might require a therapist the big telescope is out of action. Turning a negative into a positive, I might run a telescope mirror-making class in the coming months. -_-

Whilst the big telescope isn’t available it’s actually prime-time for the smaller telescope. Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) and Jupiter will be very high in the sky on both dates. I can’t promise the comet will be more than a fuzzy dot in the city but Jupiter is always spectacular, especially when it’s so high in the sky. Lots of other objects to see too.


Excellent - I’ll start winding up for Saturday 7th. Thank you!


Going to put an announce out for this on Wednesday, for the evening Saturday 7th February. Details so far are in Falsest GCal.