Farset Seasonal Pot-Luck Dinner Hack 2015


Good merry-tide, members, friends, associates, and lovely patient observers! The year rushed us into winter with the alacrity of a brusque elderly relation, so it’s once more time to meet together and eat together!

The Plan
Bring something tasty, or at least something edible, to Farset Labs for an evening of sharing food with good company, and identifying your opposite number. If you don’t have an opposite number, you can have a go at recruiting one. No matter your persuasion or affiliation, it’s an evening of welcome open to all who frequent Farset and have supported us throughout our 2015 adventure. There will be some accompaniments of the musical variety, and suitably bright decorations… um… decorating the place.

The Date
The date for this is Thursday 10th December…
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Sounds hackalicious. Does the cooker in the kitchen work? (for keeping food hot)


Sadly have to miss this now (for the awesome reason that I’ll be in Iceland – and no, I don’t mean I’ll be buying food for the pot-luck in Iceland the supermarket). Would have loved to have tried something new in the kitchen.


The cooker in the kitchen is currently an unknown to me - I have heard reports that it has worked, but I haven’t tried it recently.
Last I heard, it doesn’t have the most effective oven in the world - about as good as an electric heater beside your food. However, there’s still the hob, kettle, and microwave for producing varieties of burning/scalding when necessary.


For keeping food hot, yes. For cooking food, absolutely not. :stuck_out_tongue:


How are we dealing with food allergies. Would like to do some xmas sushi but it can be a bit of a risk for people with shellfish problems


“Label all the things”


Last time it was helped by the individual who made the particular food being there, so they were available to answer questions on how it was made.

We ask that everyone writes their name next to their food on arrival, for those with questions. You can also clearly label anything for any allergies you might be concerned about (e.g. nuts, shellfish).


This sounds excellent!


I’ll add this to the blog-post - please do pass it on:

Bring your preferred shareable food-stuff in a prepared state, to Farset Labs at 7pm. There will be disposable plates, cups and cutlery available for sharing. We will also have two microwaves on hand to re-heat anything hot that you bring with you – please bring it in a non-metal container if possible.
Then simply write your name beside your contribution, so others can ask how you made that demerara glaze taste so good or any questions about the ingredients (allergens, meat-free, etc.), and go enjoy the fruits of everyone’s labours!

Please feel free to bring more drinks – there will be an array of soft-drinks available, and a limited selection of beers.


If you’re bringing something that you’re especially proud of on Thursday night, please do feel free to describe (in “Come Dine” With Me levels of detail, without snark) your foodnum opus here!

Personally, I shall be bringing a collection of puff pastry vol au vents with Shortcross-Gin-infused chutney :smile:


Is there any appetite for a game of Cards Against Humanity tonight?


Possibly. I’ll bring Smallworld and Unexploded Cow for somewhat less ribaldry :stuck_out_tongue:


Many "thank you"s to all who came along last night, braving the horrible weather. You arrived to find a warm room full of lovely people, lots of food, bright decorations, cheering music, a little gaming, a little beer-infused inventorising(!) and a touch-screen with a virtual tree!

Have a good December, enjoy your Christmas, and our door is always open! :slight_smile: