Flacknite Returns


Originally published at: https://blog.farsetlabs.org.uk/flacknite-returns/

  Got a project that’s languished in the back on your mind for weeks/months/years? Saw something on the internet and said ‘I can do that better’? Need a place to knuckle down and push through the annoying stages of a product? Have none of these things but still want to play? Boy have we got a show for you. Vital Info When: 1300 Saturday 15/10/16 to 0100 Sunday 16/10/16 Event Links: GetInvited Event (Please Register) Facebook Event Digital Circle Event Blurb On Saturday the 15th of October, we are running a 12 hour hacknite event where anyone with an idea, or a half-attempted project can come and share their passion with their peers. FlackNite (Farset Labs hack nite) is the return to our old model of regular, open, tech-events. The challenge is simple; start, finish, or…