Global Game Jam 2017 | 20th-22nd January


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Global Game Jam at Farset is back again in 2017, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen. The Game Jam will run from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd, and is a chance to meet some great people and develop a fun game in a weekend. With a party atmosphere from Friday night, there will be plenty of people there to team up with, create something interesting and, most importantly, to have fun! HOW DO I ENTER? We ask that you reserve your seat at Farset Labs using our page at – entry is free for everyone! You can then complete your Global Game Jam registration at on (or before) Friday 20th January. Global Game Jam is always very popular; so to avoid disappointment, book early! The event is…


We’ve added another 10 seats to our Global Game Jam (Belfast) 2017 event, thanks to the lovely people over at Sixty-5 Technologies Ltd for lending us a little extra space. We’re looking forward to linking everyone up to our stupendous broadband pipe and munching through some lovely game-jam foods :smiley:

Also, local community groups NI Game Dev Network and Immersive Tech NI are planning a #PlayMyDemo game and VR party on January 28th, which is a great game-dev follow-up to #FarsetGGJ17 with us. A good opportunity to show off demos and prototypes to the rest of the community and local mentors too :slight_smile: