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TL;DR Bring Google Developer Groups to Belfast

Current State: Application to Google in Draft (Ask George Moore for access)

Due for Submission Monday 2nd March

All came about from an event at Farset a few weeks ago with Rupert Whitehead. Belfast has ton of Devs and we should get our fingers out and launch a Google Developer Group.

Farset have offered our event room as a potential venue under the User Groups programme but this is definitely a programme driven by the wider community. (And either way, we’ll need someone to pay for refreshments!)

Vision is to have a group moving around different venues, taking advantage of the massive range of Google Stack users and developers in the region.

This is coming from what can only be described as a mega-thread so I’m leaving out a lot and hopefully the original speakers can repeat salient comments.


Good Stuff, Any suggestions on how to go about building a list of Google Stack users and developers?


Here is the draft text for the GDG Belfast application form. To be honest, I think it is largely complete.

As mentioned previously, I will wait until Monday before transferring it to the application form and submitting it. I will take any edits made before then into consideration.

Hope that helps.


I ran the draft text past Rupert (Google) and he thinks it looks great. Feel free to tidy up and reinforce points across the weekend but other than that I think it is good to go on Monday.


@georgemoore Not sure when you’re submitting, but would it be worth putting in a listing of the people and orgs supporting the application directly to add to you putting yourself on the line?

Not thinking of a big blurb for everyone, just a list of the people who’ve been active in the discussions and have voiced support.

Obviously count me, @kane and Farset in general in.


Good idea. I do not have much time to put to this today (sorry but wall-to-wall teaching on Mondays). I was simply going to cut and paste the sections across, and tidy up a little, before submitting around 15:00 this afternoon.

If there is a list in the draft document by then I will work it in too. I do not think this is critical, nice idea as it is.


I have submitted the GDG Belfast application form.

I had to edit it quite a bit as the 1000 limit on each box turned out to be characters rather than words.

(I will email a copy of the completed form as Discourse is not allowing me to attache files.)


Congrats to everyone involved, especially @georgemoore, on having the GDG Belfast group accepted by Google as an incubating chapter!

If you want to get involved, sign up to be a member here