Gopher Gala Hackathon


Hey all,

There is a Go(lang) hackathon happening worldwide this weekend, with Shopkeep (where I work) hosting in Belfast. I know it’s the seem weekend as the GGJ but I thought I’d mention it here in case

  1. Anyone not participating in the GGJ would be interested
  2. Anyone participating in the GGJ may want a server component developed in Go

The only requirement for the Gopher Gala is that the component be written in Go, so there may be people arriving who don’t have a particular project in mind. If there’s anything you’d like to see done feel free to drop it here as a reply and I’ll bring it to peoples attention over the weekend.

More details at


Scheduled a few tweets to go out for it on the usual channels. Quite sad I’m missing it myself!

PS it looks like the event page says 7pm, but text says 5pm


I’ll update it. It’s 7pm local time so we can do some prep as it starts 5pm PST and at that point I’ll want to be in my bed :smile: