Hats Off Wearables Competition


Element 14 has been in touch to se if we want to enter their Hats Off competition, with Adafruit. The competitors will get a GEMMA wearable microcontroller board just for being accepted to the competition.

The grand prize is “one Complete FLORA Collection parts pack from Adafruit. and an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2”.

Applications close 4 Aug.

My suggestion is that we enter as a collective and keep any swag for Farset Labs to share. If anyone is keen, let’s apply ASAP.



Keen. Who are our wearables contacts - Blick, @beadingrose ? I know we had some interest expressed at previous Town Halls.


Sounds interesting I could incorporate my beadweaving and sewing skills in to the mix. There would need be people with electronics involved. We would have to come up with an idea before monday. I am checking wither you can apply as a group? Currently states in comments open to partnerships (probably two people) and individual.


maybe encapsulated wireless charged stuff?
Their MCU are too primitive yet, no sensors, only outputs.
It seems that most use is for led jewelery.
We could run brainstorming on the subject though.


Jiann has done wearables projects. She might be interested. I’ll let her know. Here’s an eg of her work http://jiannhughes.com/tarraing-anail/


Was going to suggest Jiann, she gave a great talk at one GoL event about what she had worked on.

I’d like to see a group from Farset enter. Coming up with ideas on the spot is hard, but I’ve been enjoying my shiny new Pebble Steel, which has been monitoring my sleep by integrating with Sleep As Android. As much as I love what it does, I don’t want to wear a watch in bed.

Anyone have any ideas for wearables whilst we sleep? (Sweat sensors, movement, noise, etc.) Sleep is an important part of our day and I’ll fling money at anyone who develops working wearables that improve my nights sleep.


@stealthii https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bitbangerlabs/remee-the-rem-enhancing-lucid-dreaming-mask :smile: