Helping out with Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam


So as many of you I am sure are aware, the monthly Raspberry Jam events at Farset have become extremely popular over the past few months.
But, the Raspberry Jams are a weird one, as they are probably one of the least attended events by Farset Labs members, given most of the attendees are kids.

One of the major problems with it getting as popular as quickly as it did, was volunteers to help out at it are a bit thin on the ground.
Which got me thinking, Farset is full of geeks and it would be great to get some of you involved in helping out.

So would anyone be up for helping out at this months Raspberry Jam on Saturday?
It runs from 1pm - 5pm, but would need you down a little earlier on Saturday morning or on Friday evening to go over the plan for the jam etc.
It is usually a majority kids (aged 11-16) but we do get the odd adult taking part.

The stuff we do with the kids is pretty simple. A basic knowledge of Python would be helpful, but isn’t required. Really having any general programming experience is all that is needed as with that, can usually diagnose any issues they may be having.

You don’t need to have to be AccessNI checked for this month, but of course would be preferable (but don’t let that put you off).

For this month, I am looking for a few general volunteers to float around and answer general questions/diagnose code problems and 1 or 2 more to help out keep an eye on the kids practicing soldering.

Anyone up for helping out?


let me guess I’m being pulled in as usual. :smile:

not saying that’s a bad thing.


@vlee489 Of course :smile:


I’ve been lurking about the IRC for a few months but I’ve never been in Farset before.

I’m a Photoshop masta, with some skills in 3D modelling, 3D printing, animation, I can solder, prototype PCB’s, I’ve also got a rudimentary knowledge of c++ and web coding languages.

I’m in Dublin this Saturday, but if you’s need more hands on deck for any events or projects in the future I’d be glad to help.