Hyper Book Club Hack [Sat 20th, 4-6pm]

We’ve got 175 books in 15 Pandora’s boxes: which ones do we keep and which do we give to charity? Choose our own adventure on Saturday 20th, 4-6pm.

Aiming for a speedy and good turnover with this: meaning lots of discussion, thinking caps on. Four to six tables; one box at a time. There will be tea. Every keep or lose decision to be peer-reviewed.

See something in the discard pile you want to take home? That’s a maybe. If a member wants to remove donation/s, it’s a good time to do so. No books will be moved from the space until early December. There may be pizza. If we don’t have bookcases by the 20th to hold the push, pull or design-based decisions, the volumes will be re-boxed, clearly labelled.

Bring your intellect.