Ideas for new events?


If you want to run an event that isn’t currently something provided by Farset, I’d recommend to post them here and garner interest.

It is important we increase the diversity of our members, and what we provide as a space, so feel free to post openly about any and all sorts of ideas.

Need someone to host a Minecraft buildaton with me

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As proposed by Rachel, Clare, myself and others: LAN meet :smile:
Will probably come down to picking particular game communities to appeal to, speaking to Dragonslayers and Core, and organising interesting tournaments.

More for discussion later.


I was wondering if anyone would like to host a Minecraft Survival buildaton with me?

I need someone to host it with me as i’m not a member and my age wouldn’t let me host it by myself.

I’ve put a lot of work into developing custom plugins for the needs of this event.

I’ve been talking to Andrew about this event for some time now.

If your interested just comment.
You would need to know how to use the 3D printer.


I think this would be an excellent event, but I believe that we should be careful about the limits in place.

For example, do you mean everyone needs to be able to use the 3D printer? There are a few people (which would most likely attend the event anyway) that could print out a few models for those who have built it - I think quite a few people would love to come down and build, than have their creation printed.

To satisfy your hunger, a Minecraft event is often proposed and it is a strong candidate for an event @clairebones and I would like to help run (both kids events during the day and adult nights with beer and stuff). You mention plugins - provide a link, I’d love to see some of them!


My plan is the best builds get printed out so my be just 4 prints in one go.

The plugins I have made are all for the Craft Crack Network server that I have still to open to public beta as perms won’t work with multiworld.

I have no plans to release any work to the public as they are all unstable and my Java code is still early works as I’m self tought.

My Github is at if you want a look but most stuff is for pi.


That would be great if you could help me @stealthii .

My current plan is to have it early to mid March I had originally set it for early february.

I would need you to know your away threw centOs (the host uses that flavour of Linux not my choice.) and how to use the 3D printer as I have only ever used a reprap I3.

The event would be 12pm-6pm on Saturday preferably.

I have the logistics of it all worked out and a back up plan just in case (that I will need)


What with all the bullshit going on with NHS, like the fiasco and now website security vulnerabilities, I propose we have a Healthrecord and numerous Data Servers (HanDS) hackathon.


Actually this was in the works during the reablement work that @kane and I did last year, as well as a few other potential contacts.

Sponsorship would be easy enough.

Also, @stealthii, can you please update the top (pinned) post to point out this (I’m aware it just points them back here but more a case of saying "This is the way things should be done!) :smiley:


I would be interested in a cryptoparty event. They have quite a lot of resources on their site, even a guide on setting up a party.


I’ve looked at running key-swaps before but didn’t get the feeling that there was enough community interest. Obviously I can’t take it on now. Any volunteers?


@bolster - I’ll volunteer. - I’m not a member though.


Another Pi Jam would be nice to do.


On the event calendar, as well as events i think you should “label” each day.

Ideas for comment

Open Night
Anyone is welcome to come along on to our open nights to hang out, discuss, and work on their projects. If you have an idea or a project but you’re not sure where to start, or have got stuck somewhere along the way then come down and see if we can help. Don’t have a project but want to have a chat with some geeks?

Electronics Night
Why do it yourself, its more fun to do it with others. Share ideas, co-operate on projects etc

games/software/web development night - maybe a short talk followed by a workshop, Q&A session

a restart party ? how to run a restart party

Just to give some sort of idea of what goes on in the space.

I’m not a member and i have no clear idea of what goes on in the space; not much, as far as i see from the outside looking in.


For myself, as an ordinary oik, I think clearer calendar outlines would help with your last point - the building is open to use (and is often used) by regular user-group and developer group meet-ups, and regular monthly events like “Gathering of Lightning” talks, for sustainable turn-out.

I think the daily “Nights” are a good goal, but I’m not sure if “label it and they will come” on its own would work without some hardcore outreach to increase awareness. As more spaced out events (fortnightly, monthly) I think that becomes a bit more feasible.

A restart party looks like a brilliant idea :smile:


We have been talking about setting up regular nights like you mentioned, similar to how TOG do it, so like coding night, craft night, electronics night, etc. Mostly we’ve been waiting for the project room to calm down a bit so that it can be used on these nights but myself and a few others are already talking about putting this together :smile:


Is there any sign of a Pi Jam any time soon?


How is this @vlee489 ?


I know its not technological but what about a Farset BBQ.
With the good weather coming in it would give everyone a chance to meet new members and raise a bit of money.
Something like a tenner gets you a burger and a beer with the remaining going towards the space


Well, we do have a BBQ…