Ideas for new events?


I would like to propose an ‘introduction to car mechanics’ event. I know very little about the inner workings of a car, and as an engineer it’s frustrating to see some cool projects involving them and having no idea how everything works.

My idea is it’d be a small ‘hands-on’ workshop with about 6-8 people, with 1-2 demonstrators depending on what is taught. I’d love to see something like an original Mini taken apart and explained, as we put it back together.

Just an idea for the back burner, we should gather if there is any interest in such an event.


I definately like the sound of that. How would we host it in the space though?


If we ask Weaver’s Court nicely we might be able to get a bit of the car park, considering we keep it tidy and clean when we’re finished. Then again, it would be nice to have a few events outside of Farset too, much like the hopeful revival of Makers Meetup.


You’re potentially missing a trick @stealthii; we’ve previously been able to ‘borrow’ other space in WC, such as the big warehouses that @kane used/uses for archery.

It’s a good idea, would need to find a volunteer car-person to run it though, even if it’s just “How burn burn becomes zoom zoom”.


Pi Jam any time soon?


I have literally just arrived back from England tonight after a month over there doing Raspberry Pi teaching and a week of work experience at Raspberry Pi foundation.
Has certainly kept me busy :smiley:

With Uni (Queens) starting soon, it will be easier for me to actually do jams (unless someone else wants to), but until I know my timetable/schedule etc (which I won’t know till the 22nd) I can’t really commit to a date.
And it won’t be before the 22nd given that does not give people enough notice apparently.
So likely next one start of October unless someone else does one.
I am tempted to commit to one a month after that though seeing I will be living in Belfast.
Hmm, perhaps something for another topic when I get a sec


@gbaman1 I still have a few friends on the EEECS staff, which course did you end up going for?

They usually have a few ‘clear sectors’ or spaces that they know they aren’t going to fill in terms of time.

Usually Thursday/Friday afternoons if memory served (loads of the westerners go home after lunch on fridays)


What about the Possibility of hosting a Tedx Event in the Space?

Of Course a Brainstorm would be required to come up with a list of possible discussion topics


+1 for more sharing events, but TEDx are notorious for keeping a tight control of their events. One of the reasons why TEDx Belfast was postponed for nearly a year and is probably not coming back this year.

TEDx is a branding exercise; question you have to ask is, what can we do about the existing Gathering of Lightning series? I was involved in TEDx Belfast and one of the surprisingly big issues was getting people to speak for 20 minutes about a topic. That’s fine for people who are used to it, but I personally would much prefer to get people within and around the community talking naturally about their pet projects rather than getting in a load of ‘big names’ to fill the space.

TL;DR Global Branding vs Local Content.


Want more Raspberry Jams? Might want to check out the most recent blog post as we have some feedback on what you want to be taught, when we run them and how frequently (currently looking like monthly!)
So go check out the post!


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I’d be really interested in a “Intro to Electronics”.

One of the other threads mentioned using a PC PSU as a bench power supply but that the capacitors contained within can be lethal. I remember doing something similar back in the days of CRTs and discharging them safely but that was a lifetime ago.

I’m specifically interested in sustainable power (Wind, Solar), batteries and electric motors so something that helped me along there would be fabulous. And if we managed to kit out the roof of Farset with some solar panels, so be it. Maybe even a wind turbine (As it’s kinda windy here).


Building a wind turbine is actually a cool idea.