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Raffaello D’Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters

Flite Test - Tricopter



Ok, if we’re going to introduce Carl Sagan into this then I have a few hundred videos to post…

Anyone want to watch the entire Cosmos series in Farset with me sometime in September?



Friend of Farset’s, Ronan Cunningham, sent me this cool stuff that Disney is doing. We could make these on the 3D printer, surely…

Details here:


Oh Disney, why can’t you be equally awesome when it comes to copyright and government lobbying?



This is one of my earliest Youtube favourites. I remember querying @bolster about this idea nearly 7 years ago when it was first posted on Hackaday. Needless to say it’s still something I’d like to take on :wink:




From this article on IFL Science.

Competes with @crx091081gb 's sound wave stuff.


Anyone want to get together and build a few of these? Would be cool to try out a few multiplayer experiences with them.


Yet another reason to invest in a lasercutter… :smiley:


Awesome Video – Flite Test - Tricopter - SCRATCH BUILD


3D Printed Hydroponics with spare bottles etc


Wonder could we grow hops in the windows of the workshop?


I like your thinking Matt, maybe we should visit here:


Do they have aluminium foil ducting? :smile:


Can’t believe I missed this - someone has done work on getting Teletext using the Raspberry Pi.

I left off last time not knowing quite how to make things work, given my utter inability to write any assembly code or build from scratch anything resembling a complex analogue circuit able to work with PAL TV signals. Here’s what happened next…


3D Printed Prosthetics for Disabled Dogs


“Technological Disobedience” in Castro’s Cuba