Introduce yourself!


Just an initial post I figured I’d start to let people introduce themselves as they sign up :slight_smile:

I’m @clairebones, everyone knows me by Claire, ex-PhD student, programmer and nail painting enthusiast :stuck_out_tongue:


Woo hoo, hi folks! I’m @ben

*waves gleefully


Hey folks, yous already know me, Chris AKA @chris18890


Hello good ladies and gentlemen of farsetlabs.

I am martinus.

I am a jack of all trades with a penchant for building things. I’m a self taught electronics/carpentry/programming/sewing/3D model-making/astronomy geek.

I have a ‘formal education’ background in biomedical engineering and biomechanics focusing on motion capture.

I used to know lots more but a lot of the fun stuff has been pushed out of my head as a consequence of being a PhD researcher. Update: PhD effectively eliminated. New stuff imminent. :smile:

I swear profusely.

Find examples of my madness…
and here:


Hai. Ellen, nice to talk to everyone. Founding member and director. Amateur radio operator, tricyclist, driver, electronics junkie, road infrastructure appreciator.

Queer, feminist, trans woman, musician, eats.


Hi all. @nullrouted here. Just another nerd looking for an exciting project.


Hi folks,

My names John Crowe I’ve just signed up to farset labs so you’ll prob be seeing me around in the future.

I’m a programmer by trade but I do enjoy the odd little hack now and again. Feel free to say hello if you see me unless i have a soldering iron in my hand, then I would stand well back for your own safety :smiley:

I tweet @crowejohn20

Happy hacking!


Hi there, I’m Dan! Some of you know me as Stealthii. I’m a Farset member and the creator of this discourse. I currently work at NYSE Technologies Ltd. and spend a lot of my free time tampering with everything. Please don’t leave stuff near me as I can’t honestly help myself.

EDIT: As a side note, you should copypasta your post in here to your ‘About me’ section on this discourse!


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Hey folks, I’m Lyra. I’m Farset’s resident investigative journalist. I run a blog called The Muckraker ( and do a bunch of freelance work for other outlets.


Hello I’m Eddie, sporadic Farset member but going to try to come down here more often!

I’ve relatively new to this programming malarkey, have a uni background in science, currently working remotely for an e-learning company.


As a step towards being more active in the Farset community, I’m going to introduce myself!

I’m Grieve, a long term silent member of Farset. I’ve been around for a few of the hackathons and events, but other than that my membership has been largely academic. I’m a developer at +rehabstudio doing mostly python, with occasional attempts at applying traditional hierarchical OO programming paradigms to the hellscape that is javascript.

In my spare time, I vaguely attempt to be a games developer, take part in jams and try to think of fun things to do with RPi’s. Feel free to shout at me on twitter: @thegrieve


Microid 64 - A resolution restricted (64x18) Metroidvania adventure, made at the first Flacknite.

Nanojump EX - Made in NanoLD, a 48 minute gamejam, using the same engine as Microid.

Raspberry Pipboy - A strong, but ultimately doomed, attempt to build a fully functional Pipboy 3000 from an RPI. This was featured on RPi’s own weekly round-up as well as being picked up by PCGamer and Polygon. I was famous for all of 15 seconds.


I’m Colin. I’m currently a PhD physics student.

Random hobbies include amateur carpenter, homebrewer, the odd bit of programming from time to time, but generally prepared to give most things a go.


I’m Robin, an audiovisual artist and musician. I came to Farset last year for a flacknite to build some LED lights for a light up ping pong table installation I was doing for culture night at PS2. Now I’m back to build a better version with more LEDs (a lot more) and possibly a smoke machine.


I’m Jonny - Computer Science at UUJ and last 5 years working in engineering for a few financial software companies.
Just joined Farset and hope to drop in for the first time at some point this week.


Hey all. I’m Lee.

Mostly a software guy, I currently work at NYSE, writing C++ and Python frameworks/tools.

Current projects include learning Scala / Rust, a time management system (a hybrid of GTD and calendars) and a (really) next-generation wiki engine.

Previous projects: a broadcatcher (like Miro; think iPlayer / netflix, but for RSS + Bittorrent) [PyKDE], simple position-keeping audiobook player [PyGTK], welfare hostel management system [Django], bunch of wordpress plugins, etc. More here:

Other things I’m into include 3D (Blender, 3DSMax, etc.; very much a beginner, though), 3d printers (still hoping to see/play with/build one), roguelikes, RPGs, etc.

I also have a little teaching experience, and might be interested in running programming classes. I tend to come and go from IRL spaces though, so I’ll see how hooked I get on Farset :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Vincent and I’m not member of Farset labs yet.

I run a minecraft server called Mini Game Central ""
EDIT{server no longer exits as it a test server for my new mod MTA {mine theft auto} Online.
I program most of the plugins by myself.

I’m a self toughs programmer. I do Java, c and python.

In free time i would usually play [/probably also destroy] electronics

I have only been to 3 out of the 5 Pi jams

my github is and at the 4th pi jam the LEDborge web controller is there under Raspberry-pi-LED-Stip-With-Web-Control


Hey Lee and Vincent, welcome to the gang!

@lee_b – have you been down to the space much yet? We can hook you up with someone familiar with our Ultimaker if you want to have a go 3D printing. It’s usually quick to get started.

@vlee489 – sounds like you should become a member!


"Cough cough my age "
You should remember!


Hey Ben,

Thanks for the welcome! :smile:

No haven’t been down yet; I was hanging on for the right first event, but I’ll call in soon, event or no. It’d be very cool to see what everyone’s up to, and to try out (or even see, live) the ultimaker. I’m sorry I missed the training/intro that was on the calendar a while back for that.