Introduce yourself!


hi. i am a new member to farset only join last Tuesday after Ben showed me round. the place looks great. i am a carpenter by trade and work in live events designing and building bespoke exhibition stands and stage sets. i also do rigging and stage building so in my working day when im not driving artics or plant or playing with power tools I’m playing with ropes and chains. in my spare time a generally build things or break things and mod things. i have several projects on the go in various stages atm including a vacuum former, cnc router, hdpe parts from milk cartons and adding usb ports to things (like my power tools so i can charge my phone off the battery’s).
i’m really looking forward to meeting some like minded people and getting stuck in to some interesting projects

thanks all

have fun :smile:



Sorry if I’m necroing this thread!

I’m a newbie. I’ve just finished with university and will be working from Farset every day on phone/web apps for a betting startup.

Tech-wise I’m interested in HPC stuff. I also quite like mobile and web tech. Non-tech wise I am mostly like to spend my time playing Warcraft/Hearthstone (or I used to when I had free time anyway). I also like a bit of rugby and NFL.

I’ve met a few of you already, but look forward to meeting the rest of you. Can’t wait to get stuck into some interesting projects and check out some events.

See ya about!


Welcome to the fray!

As you can probably see this forum is still reasonably quiet but hopefully slowly picking up momentum.

Town Hall is first Monday of every month at 19:00 - an open board meeting for all members. Good chance to meet people.



I’m the goat, ex nothing, comms engineer/mechanic. University of life. Feeling left out by needing a tag or something otherwise engaging. I’m not big into people, I fix cars and make telecoms shit happen for big companies. I don’t believe in blowing trumpets and bullshit up peoples arses. I hack things because, why not?

I’m sorry if this does not agree with the terms and conditions of being a “belfast hacker”. I can’t actually believe you used the term “hacker ethos” on your site.


I think “I hack things because, why not?” is as good a qualification as any.
“Hacker ethos” is just one of the latest versions of the same idea… “repurpose”, “MacGyver”, “DIY”, “make do and mend”, “jury-rig” - someone always coins a term and it ends up putting definition parentheses around an era :wink:


Welcome to the forum! You’ll find a variety of people on here, and it’s good to see new faces.

As @panloaf said before me, you are as much a hacker as anyone else here. The term “hacker ethos” is indeed flawed - there is no generic ethos that exists across the board. By all means submit a pull request with more accurate language - bear in mind this is our public facing site, and exists mostly to try to explain to ‘non-hackers’ what we actually do.

As far as our ‘community’ ethos goes here, the Hacker ethics as described by Levy are not too different from what we try to achieve here.



I am Sarah, your friendly American transplant. Above all, I am a lazy person who wants to become less lazy. I am currently working on my software development dissertation, so I probably won’t have much time for projects until that’s done.

In the past, I’ve toyed about with mostly musical-ish projects like circuit bending, instrument making, and some Arduino stuff. I’m excited to be a part of Farset and hope to actually get over there more than once a year now that I’m am official-like, fee-paying member. :slight_smile:



Hi All,
I am Pip. I joined Farset a few months ago.

I’m a most-of-the-time researcher, some-time artist, and recovering web designer. I’m an Aussie and have been in Belfast for 2.5 years.

I’m interested in making and doing things at Farset. I am also researching maker culture more broadly, with a focus on sustainable making (in the sense of materials, operations and social inclusion).

I’m at QUB at the moment investigating what the catalysts for collaboration are in the creative sector in NI.



Hi everyone,

I joined Farset last week. I work remotely for a London-based startup: and I’m trying to finish a PhD in artificial intelligence, so I really appreciate the work space here.

Besides AI my main interest is programming (Haskell at home, Scala at work), in particular DSLs and their semantics.

I’ll be in every day for the next few months so I’m looking forward to meeting you all!



Hello everyone, I’m Brendan. I met a few people last night (Saturday). I’ve just signed up to Farset, although I’ve been lurking on the FB group for some time. Dave enticed me to come down with the promise of some astronomy; sadly that didn’t work out, but that’s the weather for you.

Professional interests are embedded programming, especially C and Linux, which I’ve been working on one way or another for over 15 years; I write device drivers, system utilities and protocol stacks for a living; mainly in C but I can cope with little bits of assembly too. When I want to program for fun I write things in perl (which, being a bit strange, I find easier than Python or Ruby).

I’m a revision control geek, introduced Bitkeeper at my employer waaayy back before they had their big bust up with the Linux project. After that I oversaw the migration to git, so that makes me an early adopter (like C++, git is a technology that you can never fully master).

I’m also good at productization, automation, and making code build really fast. I also have interests in virtualization, clustering and storage technology - especially NetApp and VMware - I don’t get to work on them as much as I’d like, but maybe one day that’ll change. In one of my recent projects I built a tiny embedded cluster manager for embedded devices which supported automatic failover of network services and an Asterisk PBX in a binary under 50K and a similarly small amount of runtime memory.

I love the idea of Farset and what everyone is doing down there, and I hope to be able to contribute in whatever way I can.


Hi @bheading, there will be more astronomy. I have left my gear in Farset with the aim of waiting for a clear Saturday.

I’ve started the (not quite as painful as I had anticipated) journey of trying to program AVR microcontrollers with C rather than using the arduino software so it’s great to have more people around to chat to.

BTW, to all who are new(ish) and aren’t aware, many of us hang out in the #farsetlabs irc channel on freenode. Come join us! :slight_smile:


IRC eh, I haven’t done that in well over 15 years :slight_smile: I will check it out.


Mal, freelancer coder - doing some 3D gamey and VR stuff ( Unity / Blender ) as well as non-game coding stuff ( C# .NET, PHP/SQL/HTML5/Python etc ).

Enjoying the craic, meeting fellow techies etc. I won the free 3 month membership at the Farset 3rd anniversary, will def be signing up as a member after it runs out ( note to self: check when it runs out! )


Hello, I’m @andrewluke. I write prose fiction. I took combined studies over a range of humanities fields, all of which are fair game to pour into my stories. I’ll be writing comedy one day, horror, SF&F, realism or slipstream another.

I’ve hovered around Farset through 24hour comics day, Belfast bloggers meets and hackathons. I’m excited about the freedom to get on with my projects in a space with other creatives as focussed.


Shorts about Belfast’s problems with zombies and time travellers.
Columns on UK & Ireland’s comics scene
Co-produced and hosted a film with NVTV about the history of comix in Belfast.
Co-produced Absence: a comic about epilepsy

I do suffer from a well-controlled minor form of epilepsy, so I’d dearly like you to check out Absence if you haven’t yet.