Invitation to Tender for EU-Wide IAESTE Management System



IAESTE A.s.b.l is seeking either freelance developers or a development company to aid in the completion of a custom-built internal business process and management system. This system has been partially completed by an internal technical team, but external development support is required to achieve specifications by completion date. IAESTE invites tenders from suppliers within the EU based on the information in this document.

All bids and queries should be submitted to for consideration. The bids should consist of an official quote stating adherence or values for each of the bid requirements below.

Bid Requirements

Based on only the information supplied in this document an expected cost and timeframe (code unseen) is required from bidders based on the following information:

  • Development expected to last 8-10 weeks (estimate development time)
  • Expected 1-2 developers required (estimate number of developers to work on the project)
  • Guarantee of beta completion by maximum date 15/12/14 (state agreement / feasibility)
  • Costs included for 3 weeks post-release support (no assumed or implied support from winner past this support date) (estimate support costs)
  • IAESTE retains ownership of all developed source, binary or compiled code, no licencing (state agreement / feasibility)
  • Use of open source technologies / tools (state agreement / feasibility)
  • Supply full written documentation in English (state agreement / feasibility)

Additional information will be sought from bidders after initial screening (22/09/14)

Tender Timeline

  • 18/09/14 Initial tender released
  • 24/09/14Closure of first round bids
  • 26/09/14Selection and notification of three bid candidates
  • 29/09/14Additional information supplied to candidates and interviews scheduled
  • 03/10/14Selection of winning tender. Official contract discussions.
  • 06/10/14Development begins
  • 15/12/14Development ends (flexible, can be agreed with winner)
  • 01/01/15 Provide access to all documentation, code and other materials

Technical Background


IAESTE is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) chiefly facilitating the exchange of students across international borders to encourage positive international relations and work experience for the youth of the world. IAESTE currently consists of 90 member institutions (corporate or academic) in 80 countries around the world.

The major technical method through which the exchange of students is facilitated between these member countries is via an internal IntraWeb. This can be administrated by between 1-10 individuals per member country who upload available jobs and bid for the right to allocate jobs to students.

The IntraWeb has been under development by an internal team of voluntary developers (IDT) from across the world for 18 months. During this time significant technical barriers have been reached. The IDT has identified that additional, external development assistance is needed to finish the project according to the original specification.

The IntraWeb consists of the following modules:

Exchange: To facilitate the exchange process between exchange partners (publish, share, exchange, nomination, acceptance, quality assessment).

Administration: To create and manage the groups and users, assign rights and permissions. To create mailing lists and API access and documentation for external access.

Library: Official documents (minutes, decisions…) and Knowledge sharing section (wiki)

Student panel: To address the process from the moment student gets interested in IAESTE exchange programme, through the application, selection, nomination, acceptance and quality assessment process.

Network: Contacts, Emergency list, Survey of countries

Although the system consists of additional modules not listed here, the supplier should deliver the 5 modules listed above according to the tender schedule. Each of these modules has been developed to different stages, although the tender winner would be free to decide how much of existing code to utilise or discard.

Technical Requirements

To ensure maximum speed of development and support from the existing development team, this tender requires bidders be familiar with the following development technologies.

Essential Criteria

  • 5-10+ years development experience
  • Based in Europe
  • English spoken to high level
  • Knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Capability in Java 6 / 7
  • Capability in Glassfish 3.1 / JBoss 8.1 (JEE 6 / JVM 7)
  • Capability in JSF (Primefaces / Myfaces)
  • Capability in CDI (Weld)
  • Capability in Spring / Jetty / Arquillian (testing)
  • Capability in using Git

Desirable Criteria:

  • Capability in Java 8
  • Capability in Database Programming using JPA (with PostgreSQL & HSQLDB)
  • Capability in EJB3
  • Capability in WebServices
  • Capability in CDI
  • Capability in JTA
  • Capability in planning and executing testing scenarios

Information Supplied

Over the course of the contract IAESTE A.s.b.l. will supply and support the successful bidder via:

  • Detailed specification for the basic logic of the entire IntraWeb (approx. 1000 nodes)
  • Administrative support, decisions and feedback (administrative team contact)
  • Technical advisory support (Lead engineer and chief designer)