Irish Astronomy Association stargazing nights


Anyone who is interested in looking through a range of telescopes may want to talk to the IAA guys who have just restarted their stargazing nights.

You can also get an email bulletin by contacting Terry Moseley ( ). Here’s Terry’s notification:

These very popular weekend observing sessions have started again with some very successful viewing. Delamont is well signposted off the A22 just South of Killyleagh, (North of Downpatrick) Co Down. They are suitable for anyone, but are aimed especially at beginners. We bring our own large telescopes; bring your own if you have a portable one.
The events work like this:
If it’s clear on the Friday night, the event goes ahead. If not, we try again on the Saturday night. If both are cloudy, we try again on the following weekend, same procedure. To check if it’s going ahead, check the IAA website: up to 6.0 p.m. on each day. Dates for next session: If cloudy, we’ll try again on the next date on the list.…