Let's Build a Knowledgebase


So we’ve got a bunch of smart people with various geeky interests. Could we look at building a shared library of resources? Examples might include white papers, handbooks, links, tools, ideas, etc.

If it works out, it’ll get big and varied very quickly so what’s the best format/environment for it?

We had something before but not sure where we’re at now.


A Mediawiki???


or else an MDWiki:wink:


Hmm, I’m kinda partial to Wikidot myself.



I’m SO up for getting involved in this. What about http://commonsinabox.org/ as a platform?


My first offering:

Abstract Hacktivism: the making of a hacker culture :slight_smile:


Are there any good anti-spam tools for wikis lately? Last time I ran a wiki, it wasn’t so much useful as endless maintenance.

What I’d suggest is either:

  • Set up drupal, with its custom page types (basically defining database tables via the CMS), and views (designing forms via the CMS). Use it to make a more formal database-like list of articles / links. Add a drupal module for apache solr or something like that, and whatever auth modules you want. You should end up with a searchable, community website that new types of information can be added to, without it getting too messy, and without random spam scripts being able to impact it much.

OR, if you want something very freeform and flexible:

  • Set up a fileserver and webserver. Give people some sort of access to upload files – SFTP or whatever. Put a search engine like sphinx in front of the file store and make it accessible with a search page. Debian comes with packages that do something like this for all of its /usr/share/docs folder, along with man pages, info pages, etc. In an hour, you could set up debian to list all of the main linux docs, via a website, and a bit more work would have it indexing custom PDFs etc. I’ve set this up 2 or 3 times over the years, and it’s a nice resource. Sadly, I haven’t found a way to make the PDFs indexible at page-level or section-level, so searches bring up the right part of long documents immediately.


Hi @lee_b

Both of these options sound ace to me. Are you in a position to set either system up?

In the mean time, I’m going to start dumping resources in a dropbox folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oo75ysmwokjbrmh/AAB4n24KhaIePWXuJdrTAU6Ya




Any more thoughts on building this?

I was sent this nice little article, which might be worth adding to a knowledgebase if we eventually build one: 300 Awesome Free Things


@stealthii what’s happenning with that whole Confluence thing?

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There’s no emoji for making the dead rise is there?

This is an FYI for anyone checking in; the Wiki’s back up and running and ready for people to grow stuff.

As far as I know, confluence is dead in the water.