Member Storage - Grab your stuff


We’ve cleared out most of the project room into the event space, have a look at the items.

We’d like all the stuff that wouldn’t be considered communal & useful to be either:

  1. Put in members storage
  2. Taken home
  3. Dumped

So if there’s something you’d like saved please stick in your project box and/or members bay. Allocation for new project boxes & bays can be found here, comment here which one you’re going to or have used. There’s no limit on the number of boxes in place so if you need more than one fire ahead, just don’t take the piss :smiley:

Please do this as soon as possible and spread the word, else from 4/7 we’ll be chucking stuff in the skip and we don’t to lose anything someone would consider of value.

Old servers in the back of the workshop and stuff at back of event space

I’ve asked for access to that Project Box Google Doc link, as it doesn’t appear to be open access.

I’ll have to get down during the week to take a look - I see that there is at least a Nerf rifle that I’m going to rescue. This is my last week working Allstate and CodingFury contracts in parallel, so I should be a bit more available in future.


Sorry guys, the sheet is now public access.

Yay, I got the TWAT box! Best land-grab so far this week.

Can we co-ordinate how people claim stuff remotely too. For starters, comment in this thread.

From me:

  1. Turtlebot (X2) donated on long-term loan from John (can’t remember surname). Do not destroy. I will label.
  2. Leap Motion donated on long-term loan from Ronan Cuningham. Do not destroy. I will label. Has anyone seen the Leap Motion??!!

Also – we appear to have ERIC and ERIK. Maybe remove one before confusing people.


Here, is that a wee server cabinet that’s in those pics? With a hinged door? If that went unclaimed I could definitely use the frame as the basis of a temperature controlled chamber for fermenting in. It looks taller than I thought we had lying around…


I claimed the FUNK box!


I can’t see if the electric wheelchair and its parts are in that picture, but if they are, I’ll be saving it.


In lieu of a less confusing box naming system, I’ve claimed ‘lieu’


Matt, ask @stealthii about the server cabinet. I think he has the best handle on which ones are useful and which aren’t.


The wheelchair is still there


There is a UV exposure box, Some large 240 volt motors and 2 big clear jars for brewing beer i donated a while back. If they are not being used ill take them home


Oh and could i claim the OOPS box


I claimed the box of LORE.

BTW, are you throwing out the roller-blinds completely? I thought they might be going back up again some day, due to screen-glare, security, privacy, etc.

Also, if there are any dead motherboards, I will claim them for the “ceiling art project” (if that’s allowed to go ahead).


Oops has already been claimed :slight_smile:


The list is incorrect, as pointed out by @kane - this will be corrected, and anyone who has claimed a non-existent box will be notified :trollface:


Curses. I declare fisticuffs at dawn to resolve this matter… lol nah i claim pott. I hear its a gateway project box


As it’s probably not practical or safe to move them to the bays, can the rack servers stay on the Librarian’s trolley, or, better yet, can they be racked?


Can someone ensure that the little compressor I lent to Farset is not dumped.

Also, there’s an Amstrad CPC464 there. If it’s not claimed I would like to experiment with it if possible.

I won’t be able to get down tomorrow, however.


Compressor shouldn’t be dumped and we’ll keep an eye out for it to put somewhere sensible in the Project Room. As for the CPC, it’s earmarked to go back in already.


The policy for rack servers is still to be discussed. For now, it’s not important for the general tidyup, but a heads up to anyone who does have a rack server and want to store it in Farset:

  • All rack servers will have to live in the members rack (future, full depth), and can NOT be used or stored elsewhere in the space.
  • Members will have max 3U of space each included in membership, possibly can pay for more (to be discussed)
  • Machines must be off when member is not on location, possibly can pay for off-site access (to be discussed)
  • Members must pay for their own mounting brackets and rails.


I’d like to claim the Jena box if possible :smiley: