Member Storage - Grab your stuff


Save a Sun Workstation for me, if they are being ejected.


Please keep an eye out for the electric wheelchair + it’s seat and parts (they should all be in one box), as I didn’t see it when I was looking on Wednesday. I’m going to be working right through Friday, and I’m not sure about Saturday :confused:

Also, please keep an eye out for the Amiga 500 power supply and A520 modulator. It may be in the A500 Plus box, or they may be somewhere random. I’d rather not have to buy more. I think there is a black Amitek version of the A520 somewhere in the debris too.


Modulator is now with Amiga. Software diskettes also in lounge :slight_smile: No sign of PSU yet.


@panloaf I saw the wheelchair while we were clearing the space. Should be around.


cough maybe chuck this together as a PR for the hardware policy for ratification at TH? cough :smiley:


My day’s work on the clear-out is done. Couple of things to note:

This box of stuff, including Arduino, seems to belong to “Sam”. Anyone knows who Sam is, please tell him that I’ve put this box into new member black box “UDAL”. The owner should update the Object Inventory sheet accordingly.

These objects are heading for the skip but might be of value. They include a box full of old Ericsson mobile parts, and a load of optical cabling (yellow).

Mischa has claimed all the kit to the left of TV screen. Is this someone else’s, or for that matter should be claimed by Farset Labs?


Mischa has claimed a couple of monitor speakers there - might be worth something to Farset, as they’re decent kit. Otherwise, unknown.

Sam would probably be @SamMorrowDrums - I believe the Arduino kit is his.

It continues…


Yep thanks guys. That is my box, and I’ve got the message. Thanks for heads up, and for sorting things. Sorry I wasn’t there :-S


SaaaaAAAMMMmmm! Sorry, didn’t know who’s it was. Didn’t want it to get lost.


The erricson GSM programming kits are definitely worth keeping, small box, dense delight. The mini ITX boxes (pictured below) are also worth keeping, few members have these ear marked for projects :wink:

Great progress day! Will try to get a rolling photo album for all members to view of the ‘to be chucked’ collection to give people a chance to turn our trash into treasure (we are a charity after all :trollface:)


Referencing photo3.jpg, the black speakers & Goodmans speakers were mine and Mischa is welcome to take them if Farset has no requirements.

The GSM modems were donated with embedded projects in mind so could be useful; there were also some antennas.


We need volunteers Tues eve for the very last step in the big clear out. There’s still some kit to go back in the Project Room.

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CLAIM YOUR BELONGINGS AT FARSET. Most of the unclaimed kit will go in the skip on Tues and get taken away on Weds. We’ve tried to give everyone lots of advance warning. We hope nobody will lose out.


Sorry cant make it on Tuesday


I originally had “funk” but it looks like Robin Price has since claimed it again, so I switched to “geum”.


Hi guys, I’ve emptied my box now… As I’m moving to Cambridge today. I’ll see most likely stay a member, but drop down to the more basic membership! Anyway, thanks for keeping my stuff safe and keep up the good work!



Good luck mate. I believe Cambridge have a few great tech-communities.

I didn’t have time to pop into makespace when I was there last year but it comes highly recommended.

Storage policies of space-owned/donated/member equipment

Has Connor Douglas ‘kana’? Can I claim it?


If it’s definitely empty, go ahead! If the box has contents you could go for ‘udal’ or ‘veer’ instead.


Couldn’t see those. ‘Kana’ for me, thanks!


Could request gamp please? Seems to be the only current green one.