"NI Software Skills - Reality Check Time"


Which isn’t a solution either, Glenn. Being taught by a clueless or unenthusiastic teacher ain’t going to inspire a generation. I feel sorry for your friend.

Is it any wonder NI is in the doldrums? Stick-in-the-muds everywhere.


I’ve done my time lecturing at university level (biomechanics). The idea of teaching a highly technical subject to secondary-school kids, especially kids who are not in a class of their own volition, just sounds like abject misery.

I accept that I may not have the mindset for teaching kids of this age, though I can see that an engaged audience (teachers) is likely to be a far more pleasant and productive experience. We take this approach with the pro-golfers and their coaches in UU. We don’t speak directly to the golfers about technical matters as a rule (unless they ask, of course). We provide the data and some interpretation, the coaches then turn our information into a training regime. It seems to be the optimal approach.