Old servers in the back of the workshop and stuff at back of event space


Yes, that was indeed me attempting to get an Artemis server up & running, it ended up not being needed

the following servers are mine -

  • 1* HP Proliant dl360 g6 (with win7 & Artemis) (1u) - the 1 you opened up :stuck_out_tongue:
  • 2* HP Proliant DL380 G3 (2u) (top 2 on middle shelf of trolley)
  • 1* Dell PowerEdge 2850 (2u) (single 1 on the top of the wooden trolley)
  • 1* Dell PowerEdge 1850 (1u) (bottom of 3 on middle shelf of trolley)

@kane has the other Dell PowerEdge 1850, @Adam_Turner has the HP DL360 g4


I removed the graphics cards from the UUJ machines, as they wouldn’t boot headless with them installed. There are no plans for the cards, so any interesting ideas are actively encouraged!


Most of the stuff on that table is donations that have yet to be sorted, aside from the chalk (obviously) and the rotary tool… and anything that has a label on it of course. Hopefully it will all be getting sorted tomorrow evening, but if anything in particular stands out feel free to investigate further and have a play around.


Bloody hell, you have a lot of gear @chris18890 :smiley:

Related, I have compiled and run Space Nerds in Space http://smcameron.github.io/space-nerds-in-space/ and it works rather well. Having only seen videos of people playing Artemis I can’t really compare but SNIS is quite good and is FOSS.


I know! Don’t start me on the number of router I own or have owned… :stuck_out_tongue:


One of these day’s were gonna start charging you ground rent…


Well, now that @gbaman1 has officially de-bricked the routers they’re donations for member projects & have been put in the project space, & the servers were also free for use as infrastructure boxes, it just never happened…


Either way, they need to be label based on what they’re allowed to be used for, otherwise they’re just big space-taking boxes that noone has any idea what they can do with them without posting to Discourse :smiley:


Some spaces use coloured stickers or electrical take to show hackable or useable kit, do you operate anything like that?
Alternatively labeling whole shelves in the same way can help.


@Anton, we’ve operated a ‘Hardware Donation License’ for a while. It’s a load of blurb but skip down to the Examples

Basically, sticker or chalk pen or marker will do as a labeling device (there is a label printer in the space too) but the important bits are, regardless of format, to make some claim and attribution to a piece of hardware.

Bigger problem is that so much was just brought in for personal projects and then left behind that we have no record of whos is what.


I think once we have an easy way for anyone to add items to the Farset inventory and print labels, an email should be sent out to all members and anything without a label (unless someone is certain who owns it) should get a 2-3 month Farset claim label on it.
If nothing is done about the stuff after 2-3 months, by emailing all members (maybe even sending letters if we have everyones addresses?), Farset has done all it can to inform members of the change. If the label is not removed and replaced with a named Farset inventory label, it becomes property of Farset Labs.

That sorts out the backlog.

The project room is currently unusable full stop and I don’t see any other way around it.

Once stuff is owned by Farset, it can be skipped or reorganised.

Also, might be an idea to bring in the clean desk rule used in the co-working space for the project room of all desks should be clear by midnight unless otherwise agreed with a director or a NEM assigned to that?

I currently am unable to use the project room for my own projects, all the desks are covered with someones stuff and there is no room to do anything.


Oh boy…

This would literally be the 4th time this year ish we’ve done just that:

We’ve also done ‘Shame but don’t name’ lists along with many many Director / NEM / Good Samaratain Clean ups.

@stealthii I believe there was an inventory list but I can’t lay my hands on it right now. After moving everything OUT of the ‘project room’ into the event space with the express purpose of documenting / binning what was there, do we know what’s unlabelled and it’s state?

  • Any items that are too small to be effectively labelled (pretty much all tools)
  • Most member equipment
  • A lot of items that were pushed back into the project space without labelling

I came up with the absolute rule that nothing is to go onto the shelves unless it’s labelled, and added to the spreadsheet, as there’s no point us creating a half assed inventory, and then failing to use it.

This was not followed, and many equipment was shoved back onto shelves (including shelves specifically allocated for a particular type of equipment) and there was also some useless labels (‘Cabling’ might have been used 5 times). I’ve done my best to pull shit off the incorrect shelves, label it, and put it on the correct shelf, but the problem is that there’s not a clear set of instructions for people to follow.

This will be sorted soon.


Jaysis, didn’t realise the inventory list had got so long! :smiley: Good stuff.

But yeah, if there’s documentation that’s required, we can implement whenever and ratify any process changes / additions at the next TH


Can someone provide photos of those black movable walls? I can put them onto Freecycle/Freegle for next week.


David took a few and sent them to me recently, I’ll forward them to you.


Just added my server to the inventory list. Is there a thread detailing the meaning of the acronyms etc?


Hardware Donation License


  • GB: Give Back
  • DND: Do Not Destroy/Disassemble
  • DNR: Do Not Remove
  • ATR: Advanced Training Required
  • DWTW: Do What Thou Wilt
  • PR: Private (Don’t touch it)


DWTW is still in there? /me raises eyebrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, everyone ratified it, if someone wants to improve it, they can go right ahead and Fork/PR. :smiley: