Open source casework management system for local politicians



Found myself wondering about the technical literacy of local politicians and wondering if they use any forms of casework management software, as seen in use on the mainland for dealing with constituent matters as well as some other countries.

It would appear that the use of technology in Stormont at least isn’t too prevalent, so I was wondering whether we could start a project to either develop an open source casework management system suitable for our local system or set up an existing system for use by local politicians.

If no-one’s feeling that charitable, maybe we could even turn it into a business :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be fun being able to see statistics for which MLA’s were completing the most casework with the highest satisfaction levels. Perhaps a system could even allow people to rate the MLA’s competence :wink:



You’ll never get the turkey to vote for Christmas. I can see such a system being viable, but I don’t imagine the results would ever be made public