Programme For Government Consultation Session


@VMcC raised a point that’d previously been discussed behind other doors about reviewing the Programme For Government (Basically, the self-described challenge and report card for NI Executive).

I want to host a most-of-day review session in the labs at some point before the consultation deadline (28th July), probably on a weekend to get a decent mix of people, preferring the Young Influencers / Farset crowd with a few more “senior establishment figures” to assist in directing the feedback and add some realism to proceedings.

Kicking off this thread as a central point that people can watch / contribute to.



Would almost certainly have to be a weekend.


+1 definitely keen, (dates permitting)


FYI, there’s an “official” one on the 23rd


+1 obvs though away until Saturday


I’m afraid I am… drum roll, please away in Glasgow on the 23rd June.