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Hack the Space
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Since the last “Hack the Space” never really happened, I propose we have another one sometime before the end of July. (I’m aware it’s Q-Con next weekend, then there’ll be graduations & the July holidays coming up)

A few things I propose we focus on

  • Door system
  • SpaceAPI
  • Some form of user management system
  • Single sign on for door/wiki/discourse

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Arduino based solder reflow oven using a cheap* toaster oven:

Going to build one of these for myself at some point but I don’t think it’s a stretch that SMT fabrication equipment would be somewhat popular in Farset.



Legitimate use of the PS2 Keyboards we keep getting ‘given’…

Why not start off with a replacement access control system?

I said this privately in the directors meeting but there’s no point in me doing the major architecture again because I’m disappearing. Just takes someone to just do it, and then we can integrate it with the SpaceAPI notification stuff.


I’d like to be involved in this, but I genuinely have no idea what I’m doing or where to start…


farset labs app for android or ios whatever, signin to it using a mamebership number and your own password… it gives you a random code valid for 6 hours ata a time, you input this on the door… maybe? There alot i wanna work on but its getting a scale of what people wanna get involved before I commit to such things :S


A Leap Motion has been recently donated in the studio, should anyone have ideas for what to do with it (and don’t say “Minority Report”).

There’s also a TurtleBot that’s been kindly donated, if anyone’s interested!


Majority Report? :slight_smile: Just a thought lol


Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to interface a Raspberry Pi with that weird 15 pin joystick port? GoogleFu has let me down, web browser controlled PiCamBot anyone?


Shouldn’t be a problem, check out the levels and punt it straight into the GPIO. If you want to ask a practical expert, get @kane to put you in touch with Andrew. He’ll know who I mean.


I just had a random thought for when SpacePi is over… anyone fancy making a PiDrone? as in a jet powered rc drone with a Pi as the blackbox/control system?


Funnily enough I have had a discussion about this (drone) idea with a range of people in defence, local policy, and civil aviation…

We’re not just talking about operating a jet powered remote drone between a busy trainline and sandy row… what we’ve technically created is a cruise missile, just without the boom bit.

Tread carefully…


It could be remote controlled through the internet over a quiet area? that would be interesting :slight_smile: Ive seen jet rc planes built for less than £300, so a pi version should be viable. Still, better to wait and see after spacepi


Brilliant project. It’d be awesome if we could build a kit for something like this and use the new workshop windows for video presentations.


For all the walls…


With the consideration that Farset will be hosting regular LAN gaming events and at some point possibly be open to external events / societies, we considered in the past a) networking, and b) the concept of a local game cache that lessened the load on our small network connection for game updates, downloads, etc.

This has been discussed in the past amongst a few people, @Jake_Sloan did some fantastic work on network data deduplication and compression in the past. We wanted to extend this to areas like Steam and other CDNs (Ubuntu package repositories, etc.)

It seems someone has done this already for a select few networks (currently covering Steam, Blizzard, League of Legends, and more). This would be a great addition to our infrastructure setup and can be extended in future to provide other commonly downloaded content at the Labs.

cc’ing @onefreeman, @Richard - For Slayers24, less so Q-Con, this is something worth considering :smiley:


We could have a system hat controls all aspects of the space from controlling lights to the front door


i have an idea for the leap motion but a i don’t have a ardiuno [That Andrew that was surprised i still haven’t used!] and i also don’t have a leap.

we could use it to make a robot hand with fingers and using the leap’s tracking we could move the hand and it’s fingers.

a couple of servos and moters should do it.

{i haven’t see if this has been done yet}

PS i was the one that you lent the Leap to at the last raspberry jam.