[Proposal] Anyone like to do a session at some point on safety online from a non-bullshit perspective?


Lots of “e-safety” stuff floating around, but would anyone like to do a ‘proper’ one? Little bit of theory on social engineering, password generation and computation, privacy settings and the ‘network effect’, and a touch on the black (and ‘white’) personal data information markets?

If not I’ll do it in about 6 months time…


effing great idea @bolster … i’ll do it with you in 6 months time.


Without trying to land anyone with a huge amount of work, would it be worth constructing the information around it in a format where it would be useful to distribute to schools, youth groups or well, anyone really?

There’s a lot of great minds here and it would be nice to be able to push it out into the world.

It’s clearly needed: https://twitter.com/matt_levine/status/563110288472702976


That’s exactly what I’d like to do with it. May use it as a corner stone of the “Hey, people, pay me while I finish off my PhD” programme of things :smiley: (i.e. the development of an open sourced programme and resource pack, not just me running around some kind of timelord.

As I say, I can hit the ground running with it ‘officially’ in about 6 months or so but would be nice to have it now anyway with the sort of community development stuff we do so well (except have a habit of not writing down…)


Shame on me for raising an old thread…

Was talking to a friend who had attended http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conducting-internet-wide-research-psni-cybercrime-update-belfast-tickets-16012838832 last week. He was saying that there was a PSNI Officer there doing a bit of a talk about what they’re doing. The guy was speaking from a non technical level, but there might be something in following up with them


Lol detective spelt wrong…

Anyway, I think I might know Dougie so I’ll reach out and see if he’d like to help us with something more practical. Thanks for the pointer.


We’ll not ask how you know him…


something like this ?



Raising this thread from the dead


If noone else ends up doing it, I’ll do something around it around October time but we’ll see how it goes :smile:


Here are a couple of good initiatives from the Tactical Technology Collective. They are pitched at activists but will still be a good reference:

Me and My Digital Shadow https://myshadow.org/

Security in a Box https://securityinabox.org/en