Rasp Pi driving 12v LED Scoreboard


Hi Guys
I am building a scoreboard with a Raspberry Pi and would welcome some help on electronics side. @SamMorrowDrums is kindly helping me with coding end.
I am using Pi to drive MAX7219 which is 8 digit 7 segment display driver. Works great with “standard” 5v 7 segment displays. I am using 12v LED strip lights and hence need to use the MAX7219 5v output to drive 12v. I have played around with ASSR- 1228 which is an opto-isolated MOSFET but I now get bleed of segments from 1 digit to another. On checking the MAX clocks at 800hz which is about 1.25ms whereas the ASSR has a 5ms switching time so hence my problem.
Could anyone suggest a suitable alternative,
Data sheets for MAX7219 and ASSR here

Excuse my ignorance but been a while from I did electronic design.

Many thanks



@crx091081gb is your man.


Thanks Dylan
Can you provide more details



Hey Paul, sorry was mobile and hoped that would link another user. Robin’s (@crx091081gb ) worked on a few similar projects and really knows his stuff. If he doesn’t catch this throw him a message.