Rebirthing Outreach


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Spotted this article in my feed recently:

Definitely worth some try-out time



Just wanted to ask how coder dojo worked out for you.
We want to try something similar in Innsbruck and take over a classroom from a school every (second) month. In this case the school will cover insurance etc.

Just searching for some successful “recepies”.

We plan to hand out Raspberry PIs and teach Python, Arduino and maybe some Processing.

Cheers, Romedius


I can’t speak for the Coderdojo, but the Raspberry Jam we also run (2nd Saturday of every month) has been extremely successful. Believe this months Jam will be the 22nd Jam?
The format works extremely well we have found.
Basically, we set up a room of 28 Raspberry Pis, 30+ young people show up and we do get them doing projects. A majority of your activities involve some form of GPIO work so they can get hands on with electronics and code.
Our resources we have used over the past year can be found on our Github, although they are slightly out of date. :slight_smile:
We stick to mainly Scratch (including ScratchGPIO) and Python with the odd bit of Ruby (through Sonic Pi).
Is a bit more info over on our Eventbrite page.