Regular general/social night?


Anyone interested in having a regular night (weekly?) set aside for more social style gatherings. A chance to chat, joke, show off projects, see new stuff, get some casual help, etc?


@clairebones and @panloaf were talking about something similar before, and I’d love to see more socialy stuff happenning, so yeah, awesome :smile:

Doesn’t have to be based in the labs all the time either; Weekly unofficially at the labs (maybe hop on top of the user group wednesdays to concentrate disruption of people planning to work?) and once a month going to the pub?


I have hardly been down to the lab, a general social night would be good for me to meet more of the members.


Definitely up for that. Can I throw LAN parties into the mix for consideration as well


These are both good ideas. As this thread is covering a regular social night, I’ll cover this mainly.

Quite a few people at the recent Farset birthday party voiced their similar interest in a regular social night, with activities including, but not limited to the following:

  • Beer drinking
  • Retro console gaming (specific requests for Goldeneye X, Micro Machines '96, Tekken 3)
  • Interactive ping-ping (when/if this becomes a community project @crx091081gb)
  • Music
  • General unwinding from work

Naturally, these nights could turn into anything, but initial setup for a work unwinding in the event space on Fridays sounds like a good plan - it’s not concrete either, and this thread should be considered a good place to suggest things :smile:

@Shaw: We did have one or two LAN nights, and with our new infrastructure we should have no reason not to run them on a semi-regular basis - I’d say monthly initially. Our problem is more having someone(s) willing to babysit them on a regular basis; if you or someone you know would be happy doing this, let the NEM team know! :smiley:


Play testers are always welcome. I’m up for setting up the ping pong table, this will get easier when it goes fully embedded and even easier again when I retrofit a fold up design underneath. Hopefully in time it’ll be easy enough for people to set up and play themselves (though I need to get it PAT tested before I’ll be really happy with leaving it for other people to administrate).


What would be involved in babysitting a LAN party? I prob couldn’t do every Friday but could most likely do 1 or 2


LAN nights could be on any day, if Friday sounds good then we could crack on with a 3 week social, 1 week LAN monthly rolling setup.

For babysitting, it wouldn’t be more than having a Farset member who knows where the cables are, and keeps an eye on paying non-members, suggesting games, or setting up a few tables beforehand. Will need to be BYOPC, as we don’t have any machines game-capable lying around.


Ok, rather than faffing, can I propose Friday the 5th of June for an attempt at this (LAN)? I don’t think we can justify forgoing every Friday evening slot forever, but it makes sense to try it.

As for more regular social/open nights, Tuesdays are usually free ish. @panloaf what do you think?


Sorry cant do 5th of June if you need me to organise. Flying out that weekend to go Download festival


I’m happy to see another LAN happen. Friday 5th June has a decent enough lead-time to get word out, though if @Shaw wants to be more involved, maybe a later date?


No issue with either moving or not, just keen to get something on the board as opposed to just talking about it! :smile:


Id love to take part but don’t let me stop you.
I’m sure there will be others.
Think something like CnC generals or tiberian wars might be a good one.
Pick teams and run a winner stays on style thing