Schrader Electronics launch careers microsite


Hey all… My company Schrader Electronics have launched a new careers focused microsite.

Under benefits, they have failed to list “Work with/get berated by Matt”

Also note we were just sold to Sensata Technologies for $1 billion so the future could be potentially bright.

Plus I’ve done nothing today except faff about trying to get Python to talk to JIRA in a particular way… oh look, it’s lunchtime.

If anyone has any questions then ask.

(NB: I do actually do real work. sometimes)


From their application:

Please note that all successful candidates must undergo a medical examination which includes a drugs test.


Which I passed…

You get 3 weeks notice.


The most thinly veiled conversation evar…

I like pineapples…


God, I’d love to apply, just to take the drugs test.

(For any future employers reading this, they’re prescription.)